His bone doctor is out of the U.S., so David visited my doctor yesterday, because he could hardly walk on his bad knee.   I’m the family scheduler so I’ve been trying to help him arrange follow-up appointments this morning.

What a mess.  David is almost 86 and suffers with A-Fib. His regular bone doctor, who replaced two previous joints, told him he could do nothing else for him after David’s last surgery when he collapsed and was moved to the cardiac unit.

David relayed this information to my doctor, whom he saw yesterday. My doctor says David must have clearance from his primary care physician before he can schedule a pre-operative exam and surgery.  Somehow in the process of trying to obtain “a piece of paper” from my surgeon for the pre-pre-op order, David managed to get his regular doctor’s personal assistant involved. She insists on speaking with David’s regular doctor (who is out of the country) before anything goes forward.  Meanwhile David is hobbling around with his ailing knee.


You might recall David and a motorcyclist had an encounter a few weeks ago.  She damaged his car while banging up her own body (she’s okay).   The Insurance guy “totaled” the car, which means the insurance company will no longer pay for damage.  The car, in the shop for three weeks, is not repaired.  The mechanic says he’s having difficulty finding a part.  I’m thinking this old car reminds me of Johnny Cash’s Cadillac song.


Billy and the girls reached California.  Below a few of the photos they sent along the way.  It sure is dry out there.


Amelia and Rita, 2015

IMG_0478 IMG_0480 IMG_0481 IMG_0482 IMG_0483

18 thoughts on “Repairs

  1. Unfortunately, our bodies and our cars do seem to fall apart before we are ready or there are no spare parts that will work. I have a friend with several physical ailments, that are jointly and severally keeping him almost immobile. I have heard similar situations from others but then there are those others we hear about that are dancing a jig into the 90s. I hope David gets those knees but he’d better hold off on the jig


  2. Not so dry here today. 74 with 100% humidity. Fires everywhere anyway.
    So sorry about Davids knee and David’s car. Will his insurance company pay David for the car. David may have to get another car. Talk with George about totalled cars. WE care. Hope you are holding up ok.

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  3. Oh my goodness! Poor David! That is so awful! I know you’re doing your best to get him the care he needs. He’s so lucky to have you as an advocate!


    • His age seems to be a factor for both. Heretofore, the mechnic has been casting around the junk yards and come up with the parts he needed. As far as the body goes, his heart is more of an issue, apparently. That and the bureaucratic red tape. Oh for tort reform!!


  4. Oh no. I hate that going back and forward from one doctor to another and no one taking any responsibility. How can the doctor be expected to comment on anything when he’s not even in the country?
    The waiting in between is always the worst. I hope David gets some answers soon and can move forward.
    Hope the car will get sorted out soon too!!!

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