News from the road….

IMG_0001 IMG_0002 IMG_0005 IMG_0006The practised arm chair traveler, I’ve been vicariously following daughter Connie, husband Bill, and two of their girls Amelia and Rita via photos as they’ve hiked in the Rockies for several days with daughter Sarah (a Denver resident).  They are visiting Yellowstone today and tomorrow and promise many more photos.  It’s a big park, says Connie.

Following the route son Richard and his wife took a few years ago, they will visit the Grand Teutons, Bryce Canyon and Mount Zion later this week, en route to the Grand Canyon and San Diego.

En route to Wyoming.

Everything out west is bigger.

Virginia is not a small state compared with those in the northeast, being about 300 miles wide at its base, or roughly the distance from London to Edinburgh. However, one can travel through four states in one day, making a large loop from our home in northern Virginia through Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, PA and Maryland.  I’ve done the same thing driving through the six New England states from Boston on several occasions.  You won’t whip through six western states in one day.


Sunday, two monks from the Benedictine Abby, Brother D and a new fellow ‘on probation’ for a year, visited.   Its okay, says the probationer, but I miss my dog and parakeet who says ‘Jesus, Mary and Joesph’ all day.Stjacquescompostelle1

Brother D says two of the brothers are walking the Camino in Spain.  This leads to a discussion about the Charlie Sheen film.  We will hear more about the Camino in a week or so.


19 thoughts on “News from the road….

  1. Connie and Bill are in for quite a thrill. I never get tired of Yellowstone or any of those other parks. I’d love to go back. These photos are fabulous!


  2. How marvelous! Gregg and I are already planning our trip out west next year. Your family must be having a great time. Thank you so much for visiting my blog while I was away. Have a great week.


    • Sometimes, if you are far away or indisposed the computer screen is a friend connecting you with family you wouldn’r see otherwise. Funny, but I thought he was speaking to himself when he mentioned the computer screen. He couldn’t have meant me, how else could I watch his documentary. Besides most kids need to spend more time outdoors with nature. I think you do quite well Michelle.

      What impressed me about his film was how much he grew as a person as he experienced the Camino. He’s only 33 but very wise by the end.


  3. Your family is making the trip we want to take — Yellowstone, Grand Teutons, Bryce Canyon and Mount Zion. My sister has walked the Camino, and is going back again for a second round. For me, it’s enough to watch the movie (which I did, and thought it was very good).


  4. How wonderful that the family keeps you abreast of all their goings on in vacationland. The rafting looks particularly fun! Hope they remain safe and continue to have fun adventures.


    • They’re all very fit, thank goodness. Amelia just finished her grad degree in Earth Science, so this is a special treat for her. She will teach high school in the fall and should have some great photos.


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