Milk and other tidbits

Granddaughter Joy is working for the milk board this summer.  Apparently her job involves posting a photo concerning cows or milk and a paragraph about cows and/or milk on Facebook each day.  Yesterday, she posted the photo below of herself with one of the Atlanta Falcons.  The gist of her pargraph is that 1/ milk is good for you and 2/ this summer the NFL is supporting a youth program that encourages milk drinking and playing sports.

I don’t follow sports, so I have no idea who this fellow is, although she mentioned his name.



Everyone seems to be offfering their thoughts and opinions on the tradegy in Charleston, so here’s mine.  Actually, Samuel L.Jackson says it best, so here’s his, to which I say Amen brother.  IMG_0460

5 thoughts on “Milk and other tidbits

  1. Cute photo of your granddaughter and that NFL star, whom I don’t recognize either Lol.
    As for guns, they got my brother in trouble. He ended up in jail for 10 years for terroristic threatening.


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