On the Road Again


Richard and Jacob on a swing, 2005

Daughter Connie left for North Carolina yesterday to help her cousin Jackie with the funeral arrangements for her mother as well as a graduation and party for her youngest child next week-end.  We spoke on the phone and texted back and forth several times before Connie left, with me asking her to let me know when she arrived safely after a six-hour drive. Especially after she said she was driving through ‘Devil’s Canyon’ an intersection in Greensboro NC where several highways converge.

 Connie was without a husband for a number of years and had both me and the mother of her dead husband requesting regular check ins. Losing a child makes you crazy like that.

Now that she has girls of her own and extracts similar promises from them Connie is more understanding of a mother’s need to know.

Last night, when she hadn’t called by the time I went to bed, I texted her again, and again when I woke at 4:44 this morning.  Finally about 6 AM she texted back, saying, sorry, things are crazy here.

Now that she has Bill in her life, I worry a little less when she travels, but Bill wasn’t with her this trip.  She will be in NC all week and Bill has a business to run.

Connie has persuaded Bill to take a vacation beginning next week, the first since she’s known him. They will fly to Denver, visit Connie’s step-daughter and hike in the mountains above Denver, then drive to Yellowstone. The rest of their trip involves travel through the southwest to the Grand Canyon and on to San Diego CA to visit brother Richard and his family.


Wendy and Richard in Yellowstone Park, 2014


15 thoughts on “On the Road Again

  1. Six hours is a long drive and I can see why you’d want to know. My daughter would text me constantly to let me know how things are. My son? Pffft… He’d tell me two days after he got to his destination. He doesn’t understand why I should worry since he’s been around the world.

    I’m used to living in Hawaii now, but I do wish it wasn’t in the middle of the Pacific. It takes such a long time to visit the kids. And of course, my son would live on the EAST coast!


  2. Oh it sounds like your daughter is doing fine on this trip and has a great vacation with her sweetheart planned for later, hooray. I’m of the ‘no news is good news’ school with our kids. We don’t have regular check in times … We’d all be crazy if we did. Too many people, too much going on.

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    • If Connie traveled as much as you do, we’d probably call or text less. I check on the girls. Too many evil men in the land. Even when I traveled in Europe most years, I called David every night or he called me. My parents taught me this safety measure.


  3. I know all about wanting to have that reassuring phone call at the end of a long journey.
    Unfortunately kids of whatever age don’t find this quite so urgent as mothers do.


    • Yes, the reason I didn’t like Hawaii is because I felt trapped. The advantage you have is access to Australia, however. My nephew and his wife flew to NZ and it took a day. That sort of flight would kill me.


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