Scenes from a surgery

 “Some men, under the notion of weeding out prejudice, eradicate virtue, honesty and religion.”

― Jonathan Swift


Surgery went well yesterday.  Doctor Alms removed a hunk of flesh from my back and said he was fairly certain he got all the cancer. Now if it hasn’t metastasized, I will be fine.  Nevertheless, the oncologist is obtaining all the path reports from the dermatology office.

What shocked me was how much of the excised lump was fat.  Goodness, I have fat stored everywhere.  If I caught on fire I’d go up like a Roman Candle.  He will remove the melanoma growth from my neck next week. He explained that I produce melanomas so rapidly I must be examined every three months.  He thinks it’s a genetic thing.  “That’s why the tumor board loved you, they could spin your blood looking for the genetic factor.”  Oh goody.  I get the results from the biopsy on my toe next week. Thank goodness for good health care.


When Mom had a Melanoma removed from her nose, Dad looked up through the inside of her nose and said,  I can see the sky.  Fortunately, in time scar tissue closed the hole.  David has been more supportive.  The wound in the middle of my back means I can’t reach it and he has to change the dressing. It’s right below the old melanoma scar and under my bra strap.  The nurse said, your bra will hold it together.  David says it is well stitched so it shouldn’t come apart.

While he was working on my back, Doctor Alms and I had a nice conversation covering cloning people, mad scientists, and Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels.



Jonathan Swift wrote political satire.  In Gulliver, he describes the land of Balnibarbi as “a land unhappily cultivated, with houses ill-contrived and ruinous, and its people’s countenances expressing misery and want”. He found its method of farming “unaccountable”.

Munodi explained that some forty years previously, some persons from the land of Balnibarbi had travelled to the flying island, and having come back with ”a very little smattering of mathematicks” but full of “volatile spirits” acquired in that region, had come to dislike the management of all things below, and fell to forming schemes to put “all arts, sciences, languages and mechanicks” on a new footing.

To this end they had created an Academy of Projectors, from which a steady stream of projects, designed to let “one man do the works of ten” and “let the fruits of the earth come to maturity at whatever season” thought fit, and to increase production “an hundred-fold”, to “let a palace be built in a week”, and to create materials “so durable as to last forever”. Unfortunately, the only inconvenience being that none of these projects were yet brought to perfection, and in the mean time the whole country lay waste.

The target of Swift’s satire in Balnibarbi is its “Projectors” (who are described as “inventors or planners of political, social, financial or scientific schemes… which are wild or impractical”) rather than science per se, which is generally commended.   ~Wiki~

13 thoughts on “Scenes from a surgery

  1. So glad you have such excellent medical care. And that David is supportive. Your Dr sounds like a very fine man as well as a great Dr, but I am sorry that ‘the tumor board loves you’. I wish you were not so unique! I don’t like to be different when it comes to medical stuff. Years ago my dentist found that I had two wisdom teeth in the same place — both growing the wrong way, down into my left jaw bone. He was so proud to have discovered this that it really scared me even more. He asked if he could show the XRays at a conference …. I didn’t mind, but just hated to think that I was that different. (I was sent to a great oral surgeon and was hospitalized. He successfully removed the teeth with no damage; he said it would ultimately have destroyed by jaw and face if not discovered.)


  2. Hope it heals well for you Dianne, Mum had a melanoma on her shin from a bad burn as a child it’s not good that the only way to check is to carve them out, hope your backs not too painful, there’s supposed to be some breakthrough with the cold sore virus not sure how or when? I’m paranoid about the sun that’s why I’m so pale P20 Creme is good protection.


  3. Ouch! I’m so sorry you’re having to go through this, Dianne. I’m really glad the doctors are being vigilant as are you.

    By the way, I can’t believe you remembered how we were on a cruise ship sailing on the Yangtze. You are amazing!

    Sending you hugs from Hawaii and please to give David one too for being so wonderful.


  4. Hope the doctor is right! So sorry you are having this period of anxiety for all these spots but soon you can put it in the past. I’m having my annual dermatologist visit in July. I’ve been doing this for 30 years.

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  5. I am so glad your husband is helping with the wound on your back. It sure helps to have a husband, doesn’t it? Blessings all around, and I hope you stick around until you reach 99, my mom’s age when she died this year.

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