Pellets replace coal


Lunch break. Dad in  his lumber jack days, South Carolina in 1939

Photo Above:  Dad in his lumber Jack days, South Carolina, 1939

Someday, I may cease reading the paper completely.  I won’t of course, because I like being an informed citizen.  I’m just ticked this morning because the Washington Post has an article on the front page about the dubious energy conservation practices of Europeans, especially those who now say the are “green” because they are using ‘sustainable fuel’ to run their electric plants.

Well that so-called sustainable fuel is coming from various sources here in the United States, particularly the South and consists of “harvested” trees reduced to pellets for shipment to Europe where they are burned in energy plants.  According to the Post, the production of these pellets leads to the decimation of forests here in the States.  Pinewood plantations, established in the South during the New Deal for the purpose of harvesting trees as a crop are one thing, but old hardwood forests are not pinewoods.

Even if the forests are pinewood plantations and supposedly ‘sustainable,’ the energy expended to produce and ship the pellets overseas is enormous.

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12 thoughts on “Pellets replace coal

  1. Love that photo. I think we need the CCC back. Put the youngsters and unemployed to work and rebuild the things in our country we are destroying so fast.


  2. When the recession hit we stopped buying newspapers (except for our local weekly; I love a local weekly) when we had to cut back on expenses; we haven’t bothered since. I like to be informed but 24 hour news affects my depression, so now I check the Sky News website and read the items I’m interested in.

    What I do miss about papers, however, is op eds. I always preferred them to the news anyway 🙂

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    • According to the Post, the production and burning of this pellet fuel sends 4x the amount of carbon into the air, compared with burning our fine East Coast anthracite coal. To produce these pellets requires energy from coal fired electricity plants.


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