An article in The Washington Post this week asks if the new social liberalism, i.e., majority acceptance of gay marriage, spells the end of monogamy. No, the author isn’t spouting off about gay marriage, she is asking about polygamy.

Now this got me to thinking…what does polygamy really mean?  It means sexist pigs can have multiple wives, that’s what.  Yes, I am biased on this subject. True multiple marriage has been practiced in some cultures, but its hardly something Americans should want legalized in The States.

When I was studying anthropology, we had many discussions on the topic of polygamy which was and still is practiced in several cultures.  Thus, I am aware that some women like the idea.  It’s for or sure many unthinking men do.

But true polygamy would mean equal rights for all, so hold your horses boys. Most women have the good sense to know polyandry doesn’t work well, which is why its never been popular.  I mean, if you want to cook and clean for a house full of boys you can hire on at a boys school. And that’s saying nothing about servicing all those guys (yeah, yeah, maybe when you are a randy 20-something).

For many people, the logistics of multiple marriages would be a deterrent.  One man gets his immigration papers, and he wants to bring several wives into the United States.  Under the current laws he can’t do that.

One man has a job and expects employment benefits for all his wives. And think of the fight over the Social Security check later on.  There’s a reason only rich men have multiple wives in polygamous societies.

Ah well, you get the idea…its been tried here, and won’t work in the U.S. Thank goodness The States regulate marriage.  We will see what the Supreme Court says about DOMA in the next few weeks.

20 thoughts on “Monogamy

  1. En re your note: So sorry about the toe and the assorted spots. I’m so glad you stay on top of things like this. G’s dad didn’t, and he died of one. You just keep taking care of you.


    • Saw Dr W. This AM and she says the carcinoma on my back is a particularly aggressive form of Melanoma (they got a second opinion). She’s given me a referral for my Oncologist, Dr C.

      She wants a work up before I have the surgery next week, in case, God forbid, I need chemo.

      She did the biopsy on my toe today, and I am seeing her every three months now.

      Too bad about G’s Dad. Yes, skin cancer is a serious business.


  2. I liked your initial comments on polygamy. Sexist indeed.
    Both AZ, NM, and Utah are all beautiful states. Utah is now perhaps 50% Mormon. That’s all.


  3. Polygamy was and is practiced in Arizona and New Mexico, they arrested and prisoned that Jeffers fellow for his polygamy and cruelty toward child brides..There is a book about this creep of a person..the LDS church strongly condemns polygamy, they do, faithful are warned never to attend or get near that cult in AZ & NM…soon some of those child brides will be freed from their incarceration words from some of their kin who are tyring to save them..Why on this earth would anyone want to be a sister wife as they are called! I feel badly for women who are abused like that and condemn polygamy for the reason no one can truly be married multiple times to multiple women and be a decent person I do not care what they believe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  4. Why would “social liberalism” and acceptance of same-sex marriages lead to Polygomy? That seems like a stretch to me. Just the legal ramifications are enough to block it.


  5. I guess I’m not informed enough on this practice. I thought Mormons were allowed to practice polygamy. I can’t imagine any woman truly liking the idea of sharing a husband and home. I just don’t understand why a woman would like it.

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  6. Have you ever visited the utah-Arizona border towns ? We camped near Hillsdale once and at least back then polygamy was quite out in the open. (I agree with your assessment. Just saying practioners still exist. Have you read Krackaur’s book?)

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    • Have driven through and rode the train through AZ and NM but never stopped. I was vaguely aware the practice existed in places, but see it as a male thing. No I haven’t read the book.

      I recall the cases of kidnapping young girls and forcing them to ‘marry.’ I know the Justice Department raided several encampments and seized the children in these situations, but outside communes and wealthy homes, don’t think the practice will catch on, because it depends on the ensnarement of young girls. Just another form of sex trafficking in my estimation. .


    • Checked on the book and found Robert Millet, Professor of Religious Understanding at Brigham Young University, an LDS institution, reviewed the book and described it as confusing, poorly organized, misleading, erroneous, prejudicial and insulting. Don’t have another review of the book.

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