To my Blogger friends, I tried to leave notes on several sites this AM and could not.  The “I’m not a blogger” thingy is misbehaving again!  By that I mean I can only see half of the choices, so I can’t select everything like cakes, drinks, etc. required and worst of all,  I cannot see the “verify” button at the bottom.  Strange, because yesterday, I could leave a comment on some of these same sites, like Musings, and Friko, for example.

14 thoughts on “Sorry

  1. I’m blocking anonymous in my comments section, so that’s no good for you.
    Thank you for trying anyway and I am always glad to see you when you get through.

    Blogger isn’t as user friendly since it became Google and now that Google has become Google + (which I absolutely refuse to join – for now anyway – it’s very hard to get to some blogs. If I can’t get to them I won’t be breaking a leg to overcome the hurdles.

    Good luck and I know we’re still both here and reading.

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    • You have noticed that I got through yesterday.

      I don’t know how we can overcome the ‘industrial’ monopoly’ of that which U.S. taxpayers paid for, i.e., the Internet, but I cheer every time the E.U. wins a concession. Our own leaders seem to be bought and paid for by nefarious monopolistic capitalistic forces.

      We can talk about elected officials until the cows come home, but I fear moguls of one kind or another, who reside in Switzerland for tax purposes, really run things. Always have always will.


      • yes, you did. I just heard the ping and came looking.

        And yes, we can do little to change monopolies; they have us in a straitjacket!

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  2. I appreciate those who comment on my blog so much because I use a different platform than almost everybody else and therefore the comment form is different. I had to create a Google ID in order to comment on blogger and blogspot. Long ago I created a WordPress ID because I was thinking about moving my blog to it. But I decided to stay with Typepad. So now I have three IDs ,but only one blog.


    • I used Typepad when I started a blog in graduate school for a class. I abandoned that blog and when I began my personal blog I began using WordPress. The Prof, who was a DP expert had recommended we use either. I found WP much easier to use than Typepad, but they are both good systems. I have a very negative view of Blogger. Your site is very easy to use Sallie.


  3. Switch the links to names with WordPress blogs. What a mess this all is. Having a blog in three places is time consuming but worth is. I still can see my old friends from Open Diary, My Blogspot friends can find me, and my Word press friends can find me too. I see I am being a people pleaser.

    Kay says leave notes on Blogger as anonymous. 🙂


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