Sunday bites

Loblolly Pine in bloom

Loblolly Pine in bloom

For longer than I can remember, I’ve had trouble with “not enough red blood cells” and too many white blood cells. At one point my hematocrit was dangerously low at 32.

*The hematocrit (Ht or HCT, British English spelling haematocrit), also known as packed cell volume (PCV) or erythrocyte volume fraction (EVF), is the volume percentage (%) of red blood cells in blood. It is normally 45% for men and 40% for women.

Although my last physical with its blood tests was mostly positive, the PCV vales were down.  Also, I feel tired much of the time.  Thus, I’m looking for ways to improve my iron levels using nutrition.

1/ I seldom eat red meat so that is pretty much off the table.  Besides, most of the literature I’ve examined says dried beans are a better source of iron;

2/ I can’t take iron supplements because they produce deleterious side effects in my troubled gut;

3/ I’ve eliminated antacids from my diet because they neutralize the iron I obtain from food, besides, I take two meds for stomach acid issues as it is ….. and drinking water helps dilute stomach acid.

In short, what I’m looking for are easily obtainable, not to costly, foods that won’t contribute to weight gain and contain nutritional iron.

I especially want to find tasty soup recipes.

This morning, I found a recipe for Shiitake Mushroom Seaweed soup I will try, but wonder if anyone has a favorite recipe they use to improve iron levels?

I’ve been eating bananas to raise my potassium levels, and it worked.  I eat spinach in moderation, but must be careful because its contraindicated with one of my meds.  Getting good nutrition is a tricky business isn’t it?

Maybe this would work?

16 thoughts on “Sunday bites

  1. This was such interesting reading. We certainly eat less meat than we used to and I am always interested in new vegetarian recipes. The comments were interesting too. I used to have problems with anemia, but not since my monthly periods stopped (so a long time ago )). But the balancing nutrition with meds part is something to worry about in our kitchen (mostly for Bill, I don’t take much except for BP). I have osteoporosis and stopped taking Fosamax a couple of years after I started because it made my jaw hurt, so that comment above was interesting to me. They don’t even advertise it any more.


  2. Eating the right foods for one that don’t interfere with meds, intolerances and plain taste preferences is difficult.

    I find that a little of what I fancy is usually okay. Eating (nearly) everything in moderation and staying off stuff that does me no favours is my rule of thumb.

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  3. I have chronically low red blood counts due to damage caused by chemotherapy eleven years ago. I make smoothies out of kale, Greek yogurt, and frozen fruits like blue berries, strawberries and orange juice. The vitamin C helps with iron absorption. Works better than not. Cooking in cast iron skillets helps too.


  4. My sister has always had low iron even as a child. When she went to donate blood at the blood bank, they tested her blood first and told her they could not accept it because her hemoglobin was low and she was anemic. She then began to take Centrum Silver for Women (multivitamins) and her hemoglobin improved. She is now able to donate blood.

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  5. Oh my gosh! That is so tricky! My hairdresser a while ago advised me to take biotin to prevent hair loss. I think it’s helping, but now I’m wondering what it’s doing to rest of me. I stopped my Fosamax because my dentist said I wouldn’t even be able to have a tooth pulled if I continued with it. There’s too much I don’t know. I asked my nurse practitioner and she said the biotin is OK, but she hadn’t heard about the Fosamax. I do need vitamin D though. It’s ironic since I like in sunny Hawaii. I don’t even know if I need iron. Arghhhh…

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