Little things

Heliotrope, Heliocrysum, Verbena in large pot; Succulent in the smaller pot; herbs in mixed pot right.

Part of my California garden: Heliotrope, Helichrysum petiolar, Verbena in large pot; Begonia in the blue pot; Succulent in the square pot; herbs in mixed pot right. May 2015

May is my birthday month and I set up dentist and doctor’s appointments throughout the month. I’m also fitting in treats and fun things wherever I can.

Yesterday, David and I had a lovely lunch at our favorite French bistro, followed by a doctor’s appointment.

After we found a space in the middle of the hot parking lot, we made our way to the sidewalk, where I scolded two men hogging the handicap spaces outside the bistro.  Obviously not handicapped and obviously cheating by taking two handicapped spaces in two different cars, the men began to laugh and the younger man mockingly bent over and acted as if he was crippled. Then David, obviously crippled, hobbled up from the parking lot, and I said “Shame on you” to the two jerks, turned on my heels, and walked away.

After we were seated, an older couple came in to the café and began describing their drive home from Indiana where they had attended an anniversary party for friends who married in 1945.  The man added that he and his wife had married in 1946 while he was still in the Navy. Then they ordered the shrimp and avocado special as David and I had done.

After lunch, the woman watched as David left our table to use the rest room.  On her way to they same place, she stopped by our table and told me it  “pained her to see him try to get out of his chair.” I told her, he was 86, and she told me she was 89.  About then David came back and flirted with the woman, whose path he was blocking, and she looked at him disapprovingly.


After lunch, we drove to the Dermatologist for my six-month checkup. The handicapped spot in the sun was taken so we parked in the shade a few feet away. The office was full of old people and my doctor was running behind, so I read John Adams while I waited.

I’ve had skin cancer three times, including a melanoma when I was nineteen. Thus, I was not surprised when Doctor Wallia located and biopsied three suspicious sites on my neck back and toe.  She will call with the results from the biopsies in a week to ten days.

The bad news is that all three of these suspicious sites appeared since my last visit in November, so the odds are high they are cancerous.  In November, she and I discussed whether I should keep visiting her every six months as I had for the past few years. I’ll visit on my birthday, I told her, then we can decide from there.


After my visit with Dr. Wallia, we drove through Tyson’s Corner, an “edge city” outside the capital beltway, to the Merrifield Garden Center on Gallows Road.

Years ago, when I met David, I owned a condo on Gallows road, and in the 1960s, I worked at a Tyson’s address, so I knew the area pretty well at one time.  Although David was fretful we would become lost, I reassured him, and we managed to make our way to Merrifield.

The garden center was full of older people, some of them working the cash registers, some giving garden advice, and some working in the pots and plants areas.  Walking around in a light rain, I found exactly the pot I wanted, and we checked out and drove away before the rain became heavy.  Unfortunately, we drove out of the rain on the way home.

I say unfortunately, because we’ve had little rain in the past few weeks, which is why I can grow California type plants in my pot garden.  In the winter, we love it when the precipitation goes around our urban oasis, but now is the time for spring rains and the precipitation is going north, south and every which way but here.

David had my car washed this week, and the windshield wiper fluid tank topped up, so I could wash the wind screen while I was driving.  My happiness at a full tank of windshield wiper fluid amused David. I told him, little things mean a lot.

31 thoughts on “Little things

  1. Liked your California garden photo and liked a lot the clever way you finished the post with “Little Things Mean a Lot.” They sure do.


  2. They do mean a lot! Bill laughed at me when I thanked him for filling the liquid soap dispensers yesterday. But that job is really hard for me — my hand shakes and I spill. So if he does it without my asking it makes me unduly happy.

    Good luck about the dermatology problems. I am trying to decide whether to go here now or call my Oregon derm. for an appointment as soon as we get back (just a regular checkup, I hope, but I am a light-skinned person in Florida and get too much sun).


  3. should have taken photo of tags and reported them ,big fine here in Florida for parking in handicap illegally . When I encounter rude people young or old I ask,” Is that how your Mama raised you ??”, If they are cursing I ask ” You eat with that nasty mouth ?”Doesn’t solve anything but I feel better.

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    • We have blue placards…both of us. I’ve had one for 15 years owing to the stroke. David has AF and heart issues and has had his blue card about 5 years.

      These guys were perfectly healthy and only one had a car with a blue placard. I know for certain that the other guy was parked illegally because his friend ratted him out when I accused them. I suspect the other fellow was using a relatives card. Our state requires we carry an identity card in our wallets. If your card doesn’t exist and/or you are driving a car with a placard that doesn’t match the card, you can be fined $500, however, the cops must enforce it.


  4. Big big fines for those motorists caught in a disabled car spot without a ‘bluey’ displayed on the windscreen. Bluey = blue disabled sticker.
    When I saw the photo caption I was wracking my brains trying to think when you lived in California – then I noticed the date lol. It most likely would be called a Mediteranean garden here although all would grow in Melbourne which has a temperate climate. The pots will look good when they fill out.
    I’ve just replaced my windscreen wipers – they were brittle, had dried up due to little rain. Just like washing the house windows now we will have bucket loads of rain (hopefully because we could use it!)

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    • I lived in San Diego CA in the 50s, but visit every few years because my oldest son and his family live there.

      The flowers above I saw at the San Diego botanical Garden and Balboa Park. The Spanish were from the Mediterranean too. I’ve been to the Mediterranean, and noticed most people grow red geraniums. Our disability cards are blue too.


  5. Happy Birthday Month to you, Dianne! I really get upset with able bodied people who use those handicapped parking spaces too. Good for you for standing up to them. What jerks!

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  6. We have a Merrifield on Lee Hwy. I need to make a stop soon. Those young men would not think it funny if they had to pay a heavy fine for illegally parking in a handicap spot. I wonder what the statistics are for getting caught? I hope your biopsies turn out okay.

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    • I’ve been to the Merrifield in Centerville and its very nice, but its a “fer piece” for us to drive.
      Downtown has a huge problem with cheaters…generally commuters, according to the Washington Post..


  7. Sorry to hear about those biopsies and I hope they are not cancerous.
    My David doesn’t do yard work anymore because he fears skin cancer. He has already had 2 biopsies and does not want a third.

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    • Had skin cancer several times, most recently “squamous cell” cancer on my arm. I always wore sun glasses, and these days I am completely covered with long sleeves, and long pants, and wear a “sunscreen” hat…always.


  8. Sounds like a fun trip. I love your husband thinking you will get yall lost. I’m always getting myself lost but I usually find my way. If I get really, really lost I pull out the GPS. We will all get old and physically limited but we just keep going having the best life we can, adding new excursions and interests as some become undoable. As we used to say in the 60s – Keep on Truckin’.

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  9. You charm me with your California Garden. I so love geraniums, but I kill them with a certain lack of water. I do the doc appointments in September, and I dread every one. I got a think in the mail from my insurance folks that told me it was colonoscopy time. My thoughts were unprintable. I should have it done soon but I hate the 12 hours of vomiting before hand. You just keep on growing things, and your garden can be my garden.

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    • Had my colonoscopy and endoscopy last year. Not due again until 2017. I see some docs every six months, so November is busy again.
      Enjoy my little city garden. Its not very big, but it still gives us much work…and exercise too.


  10. The same happens here, disabled parking spots are often taken by non-disabled people although you have to display an official blue badge. Being able to use disabled spaces makes life a lot easier.

    we’ve just had some rain, I will be able to do some planting without hours of watering first. I am behind in my gardening because it’s been rather chilly for a week already and I can’t take cold wind when I’m out working. Too strenuous for my heart.

    I know about all these doctor’s appointments. I saw a physiotherapist today to have my ankle, which I broke many years ago, and which is full of metal, manipulated. It’s gone stiff in the last few months.

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    • I’m praying for rain. We need a good day-long soaking. My youngest son has an ankle like yours. He was hit by a car when he was in a pedestrian crosswalk years ago. Sets off alarms wherever he goes.


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