All Shook Up

David was on the way to his Sunday meeting this morning and had an accident. While pulling onto a two-lane road with a 25 mph speed limit a block from our house, motorcycle gal crashed into the side of his car.  The police charged David with failure to yield the right-of-way, because she was sailing along on the main thoroughfare, as he pulled into traffic.

The woman doesn’t live in our neighborhood, but west of us in the posh part of town, so she will probably have a fancy lawyer.  The motor/scooter/bike was new before it skidded across the pavement.  The obviously inexperienced and speeding driver, apparently out for a joyride on this lovely spring Sunday appeared to have superficial skin lacerations after landing on the pavement.  As a precaution, medics carted her to the local hospital for further examination.  David told the cop he was perfectly fine, and the cop noted it on the paperwork.  Kathy who lives two houses from the intersection was soon on the scene, told him he needed to get checked out.  He became angry and said “leave me alone.”

David called me when the accident occurred, so I was there before the rescue squad carried the woman away.  I asked a cop if David would lose his license, and he said, “the judge would decide.”  David’s almost 86, and lately many governments are taking driving licenses away from older drivers.

AnniversaryLater, Kathy arrived carrying several bunches of White Chrysanthemums, “to cheer you up” still insisting David get checked out. Janet had given Kathy the mums, she acquired from a wedding she attended yesterday.  Half dead, the mums made the house smell like a funeral parlor and went on the compost pile after Kathy left. Although I have minimums in my garden (flower-heads about the size of a dime), I don’t like cut flowers.  David learned this about ten years after we married.  He brought cut flowers home every week, and always arranged to have a bouquet delivered to my hotel room, even when I traveled overseas.  But I dislike anything other than a handful of wild flowers in a rustic vase. When they are dying hot-house flowers really stink…especially mums. The only exception, I found was Amsterdam, where the bouquet in my room was about two feet across, and primarily composed of Freesia and Iris. It lasted an entire week.

Above: An anniversary bouquet greeting me as I arrive home from work.


12 thoughts on “All Shook Up

  1. Oh bummer. Glad no serious injuries. Hate when I get a couple days behind on my visiting and something like this happens. Bill had his accident a couple years ago and he was cited for making “a boneheaded left turn”. That was what the polite and funny policeman said, but not what he wrote on the ticket. No injuries except to his pride and to the both cars. Oour insurance didn’t go up , amazingly.


  2. Fingers crossed it’s just a fine and loss of demerit points but you never know what can happen. Do you have any idea how long until his case is heard and is he still allowed to drive in the meantime?
    You’d best watch out for delayed reaction as well.

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  3. Oh wow! I’m so sorry to hear this. Poor David. Thank goodness everyone was more or less OK. This is the sort of accident that can happen to anyone of any age and it really does shake you up. I’m just really feeling for David.

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  4. My neighborhood is full motorcycles and bicycles. I have to be extra careful on weekends especially in good weather because I know they come out of nowhere. Glad David is fine and sorry for this frustrating mess

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  5. Oh, poor David. Such a horrible way to start one’s day. I gather his car was not damaged? Bicyclists around here are my nemesis. I’m always on the lookout and try so hard to give them a wide berth as they seem to think themselves invincible.

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