Good days

Had the AC on last week, but switched back to heat this week.  (Thank you Dominion Electric). No more frosts this spring, but it was 48f degrees, grey and overcast this AM and very cold outside as I planted a new clay pot of succulents on the back porch.  Now I’m back inside, warming myself with a mug of hot tea, and catching up with blog friends.

I finished 1776 yesterday, and what a fabulous book it is.  I haven’t decided what I will read next.  And yes, my Kindle is loaded to the gills and my library cloud is huge.  Many of the books are texts from school, many not. Some I want to read again, some not.  I’m always at a loss when I finish a good book.

When I was an undergrad, I worked as a research assistant in the Lee-Trinkle Library on the Mary Washington campus.  Much of my work consisted of shelving books.  While I shelved, my colleague, also a student assistant, sat at the main desk processing books for fellow students and professors.  Between tasks, she sat behind the desk and read Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell.

One day, she finished the book, looked up and said, “When you finish a good long book, do you miss the characters?”  I did and occasionally I still do.  McCullough’s book is so uplifting and positive, I wanted to go on reading about George Washington when I finished 1776. But the author ends the book on New Year’s Day 1777.  The war lasted another six years, but that first full year of fighting was critical for the survival of the Continental Army.


Arlington has been named the best county in the US for “aging-in-place” retirees, according to various media sources. I would share all the reasons David and I love our county, but either you feel the same way about where you live, or you don’t. If you don’t, I think that’s sad.  When Spring arrives here, I don’t have a negative thing to say, except I’m choking on pollen. Have a great day, wherever you are.

17 thoughts on “Good days

  1. The Yearling was the first book I read that I didn’t want to end. Since I didn’t have any other books at my disposal, I went back to page one and started again, doing that three times in a row. The second book I didn’t want to end was GWTW. There aren’t too many books these days that I feel that way about.


  2. Hello again, just came back to thank you for the editing on my recipe. I have updated it now. Always amazes me how often I can read through something and still not pick up on a typo. I appreciate any help I can get.

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  3. I always dislike getting to the end of a really good book and, yes, I do miss the characters too. As for being happy where you live …Since I moved here in 1978 I was enjoying watching my adopted state of North Carolina come out of the “dark ages” … now, with the newly elected administration we are heading right back there again. I hate it !!

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  4. As observed earlier, “1776” is an excellent book. However, I’ve read most of McCullough’s works and think “John Adams” is the best of the bunch. It has insights into relationships with Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and others that were fascinating. I usually hesitate to recommend books, but if you can find the time “John Adams” is a good one.

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    • Thanks Dick. As Adams was so important to the founding of the nation, I had been thinking about the book for a long time. I bought the Kindle version of John Adams this AM. As its 800+ pages, I hope it completes downloading before I die.


  5. It’s been a while since I read a good book. No interest right now, sad to say.
    I can no longer live in Manoa Valley, where I grew up because of the mold and mildew which caused my nasal passages to clog. Very difficult to sleep at night when you can’t breathe.

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  6. I feel the same about books … At a loss when I finish a good one …but my literary taste runs more toward what your old colleague was reading; I like good literary fiction.

    We didn’t start traveling when we retired because we hated where we lived (Oregon is a beautiful state) but rather because we wanted to see the rest of the country while we still could. It worked for us. Grass seed pollen is a real problem for us tho, and it’s a major crop there … So that’s why we’ll be here in Florida for a couple more months.

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