Spring days

Much of the day, we have been working in the yard and garden.  Much of yesterday, workmen were here repairing winter damage, fixing this and that.  Mr. Potter fixed the fence post, while John installed the new rain barrels and doors and latch on my garden shed.  Below are some photos I took with my cell phone.  I am linking this blog post to Michelle’s Nature Notes (ramblingwoods.com, link below left).


My new arthritis-friendly latch.


New 75-gallon rain barrels. Note the new brick work.


Baby ferns emerge. from the very old pot they have lived in for years.


Where I sits and thinks.


Tomato plant in a grow bag.


Tomato plant in a container. The empty container will hold basil, parsley and cilantro.


Herbs, old and new.


Heliotrope, Helichrysum, and Verbena Tenesecta Edith.


Vernon the Vole left a few tulips.


Front porch containers. This year, I must remove the sticker on the trough.


More fern fiddleheads.


23 thoughts on “Spring days

  1. Looks like you are off to a great start Dianne. I am thinking of growing tomatoes in pots on my back deck this year. Do you have problems with the birds and squirrels eating them?


    • Because we are next to the cemetery, which is bounded by the tree-lined Potomac, we get everything here except bears (fingers crossed). The crows are the worst. West Nile wiped them out a few years ago, but their population has recovered and increased so they are back to harass me and the song birds.

      Predators like hawks and owls find easy pickings. One morning, I heard a commotion in the tree three houses over and soon saw the source of the noise, a Barred Owl. Roused from his sleeping place, he flew over my head with several dozen crows in pursuit. Rather like MIGS after a P-47. I followed him to the cemetery then turned around and came home. The Crows did not like him one bit, but Owls find the odd crow a tasty dish.

      The ground feeders like rabbits love anything they can find, and of course Vernon the Vole is partial to tulip bulbs. City living……


    • David installed the original barrels 10 years ago. I love them. We had to replace the barrels in the front because I didn’t drain them last fall and freezing busted three of them. Two barrels in the back yard did not burst from freezing.

      We’ve had abnormal cold the past two winters. Many people lost shrubs, trees, etc. All our plants are showing signs of life, so we lost nothing. I did mulch last fall.

      Had the plumber over last week to fix leaking outside faucet. He said if we had another very cold winter we could have an enormous problem.


  2. Love the ‘sits and thinks’ bench…. a perfect spot for that. I have trouble doing that (no snide comments please ;>)…. It is hard to just sit — i always want a book or my camera or something.

    We don’t garden any longer, but I do put in a few herbs when we’re in Oregon.


    • I understand. Don’t know how cold it gets in Oregon, but herbs do well in our climate. This week, Kathy and I are making a trip over to Fort Myer (next door) to buy more herbs. I love fresh herbs when cooking.


  3. Sounds like your wooden bench is a winner Dianne – it’s the shape that I like. Large and round at one end with a curve if you want to sit at another angle (or so it looks like). I suppose your vegetable patch could be callled the ‘where there’s a will there’s a way’ garden. You cetainly are finding the ways to achieve it.
    Oh and I have something in today’s post that might make you smile
    Take care


    • Thanks Cathy. Yes, it’s a crescent-shaped bench. Made from sustainable tropic wood or cedar. It’s so old I don’t remember. Will check out your post later. I am on the way to the kitchen to fix our breakfast.


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