Spring work


Not so blue in this photo, but they are Virginia Bluebells.


Brunnera Mycrophylla, the ‘false’ forget-me-not (perennial)



Serviceberry flowers.

Above a few photos from my garden.  If I were more energetic (allergies) and I had more time, I’d walk in the house and get my good camera and ‘close-up’ lens and take better photos, instead of using my now out-of-date iPhone to snap a photo here and there!

I’ve been working hard in my garden the past few days.  Much to be done as everything is popping up all over the place.  I swear the Solomon’s Seal grew 6 inches this afternoon. And White Flower Farm sent me a notice that two more boxes of annuals are on the way.  My leg is working well, so I dug up onions this afternoon.

Some critter, probably a squirrel, keeps digging in my newly planted containers.

John got the new doors on my garden shed and will return tomorrow to continue his work.

The new rain barrels arrived, and they are very large (75 gallons each).  I need to capture as much water this spring as I can because rain is sparse in summer until a nice hurricane dumps on us in September.  We dragged the cracked old barrels (50 gallons each) to the street and David called the county for a special pickup tomorrow.

The dogs are crashed and sleeping after a rough day at the vet’s office with shots, blood work and teeth cleaning.  Clare weighed in at 6 pounds and Johnny at 12 pounds.

My hair stylist Nash asked me how much I set aside for the dogs vet bill and when I told him $1,000 (the bill was more), he told me he was glad I came to see him before I spent all my money.  You see, these little dogs have as many teeth as the larger dogs (and wolves) and can have teeth issues owing to their small jaws, so I get their teeth cleaned regularly.  Clare lost two more teeth today, but Johnny lost none (he lost two teeth last year when she lost none). They both have plenty of teeth, so I don’t worry when Dr Young pulls the odd tooth.

So onward and upward and bed for me after I take my allergy meds.  I have loads of garden work tomorrow.

14 thoughts on “Spring work

  1. Your photos are lovely. It’s hard to think you could get them much better and it certainly shows that you’ve been out there working in the garden.

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  2. It is good to read about garden happenings in your part of the world. I’m sure there will be sighs of joy (?) from many gardeners when they realise their plants survived the viscious winter you have all endured.
    Our sunny dry autumn weather is coming to an end – rain today and a cool (cold!) night is forecast – not my idea of fun at all lol. The brown coloured grass is now being covered with brown coloured leaves from next doors oak tree, oh dear such is life 🙂
    Enjoy your spring Dianne

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