What’s next?

When we arrived at the groomer’s in the pouring rain, as we climbed from our car, each of us carrying a dog under one arm, and using a cane in the “free” hand (me with my enormous purse), a young woman emerged from the shop and took Johnny and Clare into the store.

Seeing the world through their eyes of a younger person often amuses me.  As I was writing next month’s appointment date in my phone calendar, the young gal at the desk, who watched me intently, said, “I’ve seen people in their forties who can’t do that.  I laughed and told her my stepdaughter Julie had showed me how to do it, and it sure beat a paper calendar.

Alan with Johnny and Clare

Alan with Johnny and Clare. The large space once housed several grooming tables. Today, the groomers snap the dogs’ leashes to hooks along the wall and the dogs watch for their owners.

We’ve been using the same shop for over 20 years.  Our initial groomer, Jane, who loved our dogs Max and Peaches so much she bought two Poms for herself,  died from breast cancer.

Holly, one of the other groomers had a stoke and is in the hospital.  Her dog saved her life, I am told.  Alan, our current groomer, also has health issues.  Everyone in the shop is getting older, experiencing health issues, and as they retire or die are not replaced.

As the shop isn’t hiring new groomers, its only a matter of time before the owner sells to Petco which has taken over the grooming business in our area. This shop is the third we’ve used over the years, each one lost to ‘development.’

Small businesses are going under all over town….a whole way of life is being absorbed by large corporate chains.

Welcome to the brave new world.

9 thoughts on “What’s next?

  1. I like the fact that you are now adding the date on your blog beneath the header. I used to wonder when your posts were written.
    As for big box stores, I tend to like our Target, and we shop there for groceries as well as for toys for the grandkids.

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  2. We’ve lost a lot of small shops too and I still miss them. When Home Depot showed up here in Walla Walla we lost two plumbing supply places and a lighting shop. The selection is not good even if you order ahead. My son calls them Ho Depot ;-).

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  3. We have a wonderful little grooming place. All young gals. If they stick it out we’ll be gone long before them….but as you said…it’s a brave new world so one never knows.

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