Winter Repairs Continue

David, Clare and Johnny doing what they love best.

David, Clare and Johnny doing what they love best.

1. If my hearing was bad, perhaps I wouldn’t have noticed, but like Miss Marple, I’m a noticing kind of person, so I looked for and found a wet spot on the pavement next to the end of the garden hose attached to the outside faucet near where I heard “the sound.”

I had been hearing the ‘distant’ sound of running water for several months.  No one could hear it but me.  I complained to David which was hopeless.  I complained to the county, which sent us an exorbitant water bill last quarter and the quarter before that. The county sent a second inspector who pronounced our plumbing A-OK, just like the first one did.  But, every time I stood in the kitchen next to the sink, I heard the distant sound of running water, so I persevered with my complaints.

David’s complaints about the sump pump running when there had been no rain for several days led me to call the plumber early this morning, Mike the plumber arrived and examined the faucet.  He said he could hear nothing.  But being a wise man who knows better than to doubt my word, he came into the house and crawled under the kitchen sink.  He looked in the same place the inspectors had checked and although he couldn’t hear “the sound” found the valves to the outside water supply were *frozen* and leaking.

Four hours and a thousand dollars later, we have new valves and “the sound” has disappeared. Now we will see if the water bill improves.

2. This week the dogs visit their groomer who will thin their winter coats, and their vet for annual checkups, shots, blood tests and teeth cleaning.  Expensive, but it shall be done.

3. I spoke with John W. yesterday and mentioned Mr. Potter promised to mend the fence that fell down over the winter.  I also mentioned that we are disposing the (3) rain barrels that split owing to the cold temps and freezing.

You are supposed to drain rain barrels in the fall, but I never had to do so before this year.

“I’ll install the new ones” John said.  And I will drain the new (and expensive) barrels next fall, although we will probably never see severe cold again.

John visited Home Depot today to buy the supplies for garden shed repairs, also scheduled this week.

Next week:  the dentist.

Tip of the day – eating cheese after a meal is good for your teeth. ~On Food and Cooking~ by Harold McGee.

** frozen with lime deposit, the water valves cannot be turned; a problem in ‘hard water’ areas. The problem becomes catastrophic if the pipes freeze from cold.

18 thoughts on “Winter Repairs Continue

  1. At least you’re allowed to have rain barrels. They’re illegal here (Denver). We’re not allowed to collect any of the water that falls on our property. What doesn’t soak in must be allowed to run off because of complicated water rights laws down river. Basically, what falls on my roof belongs to Kansas.

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  2. Wow. Lots going on there. We just go from one needed repair to the next don’t we?

    Love those pups. David looks like a pushover for them.


  3. I am so very sorry about the several year battle with the sound. Glad you found a solution tho expensive. We are not envying your old-house-ownership. Then again, we have shoddy-house-construction ownership. Perhaps they are equal? LOL


  4. Ah, yes. We too are trying to track down the cause of an inflated water bill. So far no luck, but I wouldn’t be surprised to find damages comparable to those you had to fix.


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