800px-Rabbit_in_montanaNine boxes, from White Flower Farm and Gardener’s Supply arrived this morning, mostly filled with garden stuff…4 boxes of plants, 2 new light-weight violet garden hoses, 7 bags of self-watering potting soil, and an orange “grow” bag with supports for an *indeterminate* tomato plant. Another box contained the pretty new shirts I bought for David from Land’s End. Another had the vanilla I use in cooking.

Earlier this week, dog food, bird food, tea, coffee beans, and other grocery items arrived in one big broken box. I am a “Prime” subscriber with Amazon, which ships my ‘subscribe and save’ monthly orders together, once a month, in an over-large container. The Fed-Ex guy told me if I keep this up, he’s going retire.  At least today, the bird seed bag was unbroken.

Fortunately, Friday is bin day.  The recycle bin was filled to overflowing, again.  We fill it up every week with all this online shopping.  I like to think we’re doing our part to help the economy.

After I read a review of On Food and Cooking, by Barbara Damrosch in the “Local Living” section of the Washington Post, this morning, I ordered a hard cover copy.  Amazon informed me that they could ship the book by drone, which I have not tried yet.  I decided to stick to UPS. I’ll let you know more about the cook book in a later post.


While David was helping me drag boxes into the house, Johnny spotted a rabbit and took off after her as she dashed for her bolt hole in Janet’s yard.  About then Kathy came by, walking Caelie. When Johnny saw Caelie in “his” yard, he came flying back.  Jealousy is a powerful motivator.

About then, John W. our handyman came by. He thinks he can replace the post in the front yard fence, so Harry Potter is not needed for now.  John also examined my garden shed and made recommendations.

He says “leave the roof”  covered in moss, “like the sod houses in Ireland.” He will make small repairs to the rest of the shed, including building new doors (something has chewed the bottom of each door), and replacing the lean-to. He will restore the part of the roof that holds my weathervane….Angel Gabriel blowing his horn is tipping like a drunk in the breeze.  John says he can probably find a new water barrel (one of mine froze and split), at the Habitat store.

John devotes part of his time to Habitat for Humanity, and knows when to fix something and when to leave it alone. After he admired Troy the brickmason’s work, John drove up the street to Kathy’s for lunch and to talk about her back fence.

Kathy called later to thank me for the plants David dropped off on his way to the grocery store, and share that Helene is back from Ireland where she spent Easter.  She says John may need David’s post hole digger, Ivan the terrible, to fix Helene’s fence, but Harry Potter will rebuild Kathy’s picket fence.

Spring cleaning and repair are underway.

*indeterminate tomato plants grow to about eight feet high, and produce fruit all summer.1024px-Rabbit_burrow_entrance

9 thoughts on “Boxes

  1. I am in awe of your monthly Amazon box and still processing that in my mind. (I thought we ordered a lot by mail, mostly from Amazon) but not that much! Have to think about that and come back to digest the rest of your post later.


  2. You got me with the bunny pic. I’ve such a soft spot for them. They’ve found some gaps into my yard and I hate their munching on my grass, but they’re so cute. When I let the dog out she looks for them and delights in chasing them back out through the fence. But they come back and the game continues.

    I’m addicted to Amazon Prime myself. So easy to order those little odds and ends that would otherwise cost less than the cost of shipping from any other source. It’s much too easy. 🙂 (I don’t order things that presage a lot of work, however.)

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