This and That Monday

Tower Hamlets Cemetery, East End London

Tower Hamlets Cemetery, East End London

We resolved the bank statement issue we had yesterday, and I verified that I had indeed forgotten to add a deposit to the bank book I keep independently.  I blame the $660 water bill I paid in early March.  It so distracted me I forgot everything else.

David asked me why I put Florida on the grocery list and gave me that look which says, I know you’re going doo-lolly.  He won’t remember this after his nap, however I will. Short term memory loss is awful, in my case probably because I haven’t drunk enough water today.  Years ago, I heard an expert on dementia say we need 8 glasses of water a day.  I’m lucky if I drink 1-2.  If course I drink tea, which some say counts, and next week I will try coffee again. But I detest water.

I walked the dogs early…around the block.  I am still experiencing much pain in my operative knee, but need to strengthen my thigh and calf muscles and each day we walk a little further. The dogs and I move so slowly we don’t get our heart rate elevated, although my five-pound dog with short little legs wears herself out.  Mostly its sniff and walk, sniff and walk.  Sometimes they find an especially fragrant spot and stop a full minute inhaling the mysterious aromas.  The yellow fire plug rusting from overwatering six houses away is just such a place.


I fixed bok choi and tofu soup with Thai rice noodles for our lunch and we ate on the porch this perfect day.  A slight breeze stirred the nine sets of wind chimes. Together, from the bong of David’s bass tubes, to the tinkle of copper leaves to the clicks of seashell disks and tiny mirrors…they form a delightful harmony.


My ninth great-grandfather, Stephen Batcheller earned his divinity degree at Cambridge in the 1580s and thereafter was awarded a parish.  However, during a sermon one Sunday, Reverend Bacheller made a “lewd” comment concerning Queen Elizabeth I.  When James I came to the throne of England, Stephen along with about 100 others was deprived of his parish.  Following the death of his first wife (my ancestor, Ann Bate), Stephen left for the Massachusetts Colony with his daughter Anne and her husband, about 1632 (Great Puritan migration).

Stephen founded a Congregational church in the Massachusetts colony, but got into trouble when he was in his 70s, and impregnated one of his congregants.  Both Stephen and the woman were tried by their church council.  For the sin of adultery, they each  received 40 lashes, and she was branded with the letter A.  They were banned from the town, but later, Stephen married the woman making her his fourth wife.  Stephen outlived each wife, and when he was in his early nineties sailed back to England with his son, where he later died.

Stephen was buried in the Tower Cemetery in Hackney, in the City of London.  I think this must be the Tower Hamlets Cemetery in East End today.  I visited this cemetery in 1997, but had no idea an ancestor had been buried there.  Overgrown and full of birds, today, the cemetery is a nature preserve or a green space in the City of London.

My post today is linked to Nature Notes.

15 thoughts on “This and That Monday

  1. What a sexy 9th G-grandfather in a time when that wasn’t a good thing.

    Yes, short term memory loss is a hassle, but if we remember to stay in the moment and balance our accounts, we’re ok. I hope.

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    • Finally remembered why I wrote FLORIDA on the grocery list. Wanted OJ for the Miso Salmon marinade. Have to spell out brands and amounts. Trying to stay in the present moment. Not always easy. I am happy I forgot to record a deposit. Went nuts with garden stuff yesterday..more plants, more pots, more bags of soil.


  2. Fascinating how far back you can trace your ancestors. What a story! I’m glad branding has gone out of fashion, or I’d be sporting a letter A myself. :/ I changed my sinful ways and didn’t need the scarlet letter to facilitate it.

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  3. Fascinating post and I would love to visit the cemetary you mentioned. Whenever we travel we usually go to at least one if not more, as we love the history in those old headstones. Your dogs do sound very sweet.


    • Cemetery is now a nature preserve. Tombstones are difficult to access. The cemetery is a block or so from the Tower Hamlet stop. I think it can be accessed by the Cicle Line or the East End line that goes to the Naval Observatory.

      Might have been a church yard cemetery at one time, but became inundated with pauper burials in the nineteenth century. Some graves are forty feet deep and hold up to thirty bodies.


  4. I am trying to drink more water, I find I can drink more if I add a lot of ice to each glass.. The cemetery shot is awesome. I hope your knee feels better. Have a happy week!


  5. I dislike cold water, yet I have no problem drinking hot water. Sometimes I add a slice of lemon, it makes a very refreshing drink. I slice lemons, half the slices and open freeze them, then bag them up and use as needed.


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