Its okay to ask for help

Although we blew a large hole in our day yesterday, the news from the ophthalmologist was good.  My eyes are healthy.  No Glaucoma, however, I am at the top of the “eye-pressure” range, 10-20 being the normal range and I’m at 19; No cancer in the eye; no macular degeneration;  no torn retina anymore, no scar tissue and no changes to my eye-glass prescription (no extra cost).  I also persuaded David to get an eye appointment, although apparently he already had one I had made..duh.

After we left the hospital we stopped by the Heidelberg for lunch where we picked up sandwiches and several desserts. It is a coffee-house, bakery, deli and small store and I always go a little nuts there.  While I combed the counters for goodies, David’s bank card in hand, he sat waiting in a chair in the small eating area.

Carrying a big heavy bag, I joined David who couldn’t stand up.  I asked a very nice man who had volunteered to help me, only 70 years old, thus a ‘kid’ in David’s book, if he could help David.  The man lifted David and held him until he was steady, then held the door for us while we went out.  David told me he was embarrassed.  I said, why, you made his day.  You know people love to help others and you did him a kindness allowing him to help you.


My fence in happier times.

My fence in happier times.

The fence out front is rotting and several of the cross timbers have fallen into the garden, so I called Kathy and asked for the name and number of the fellow I met at her house who worked on her fence.  Turns out his name is Harry Potter, and he says he will call me when he’s in the neighborhood and stop by to look at our fence.  David told me he could fix the fence, and I told him NO.  Fixing the fence requires using our post hole digger he fondly calls ‘Ivan the Terrible.’

The mention of post hold diggers always reminds David of the time he and his buddies rented a gas-powered post hole digger they hoped would save them work.  As they were “having a few beers” while the post hole digger did its work, it got away from them and dug itself into the ground almost to the top of its handles.  The boys spent the remainder of their time digging the post hole digger out of the ground. The moral of this story is hire a professional.




19 thoughts on “Its okay to ask for help

  1. I
    “We ” are getting better about hiring the pros instead of doing it yourself. It would never have been a problem for me because basically I can’t do much of anything. Bill has always been someone who could do just about anything, given enough time. It’s hard for him to let go. But he’s learning. There’s a fine balance between giving up and doing too much.


  2. Glad your eye appt went well, Dads just had both his cataracts done he doesn’t have to wear glasses now. I’ve just got home and seen my Mums conifers have been massacred by my Grandad testing Dads new chainsaw before Mum stopped him 😀 she had to get experts in to neaten it up.

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  3. My recent opthamologist appt came back well also. It is such a relief. I think my eyes are even more important than my mobility but if I have a choice, I’ll keep them all.


  4. Well, I have to say that last story about the post hole digger had me laughing. Thank you for that Dianne. I agree about hiring a professional though speaking for ourselves, we have to go through an extended period when ‘we’ think we can do these things ourselves and then finally throw our hands up and hire someone who knows what they are doing. Gregg was in the position of your 70 year old ‘young-un’ last Saturday when a friend’s husband needed a lift back into his wheel-chair. I can emphasise with David but Gregg was only too happy to help out. It comes to us all eventually.


  5. I love the way you handled David’s embarrassment.

    The post hole digger story is hilarious……unless you were there, of course.


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