Here and There

It’s a bit early for the Cherry blossoms, which the Park Service says will begin to open soon. Nevertheless, I replaced my header with a photo my former gardener John took of the Tidal Basin last year.  John and his wife moved home last fall.  I hope their winter wasn’t too bad but I know it was because they moved to Buffalo, New York.

Meanwhile, my walks around the neighborhood indicate the flowering trees are about to pop.  I’m excited to see the blooms on my new Serviceberry tree. It’s only a baby tree so I may not see much this year. But, I can check out other gardens as the Serviceberry is a native plant.

April is garden month in Virginia and the Washington Post ran an article this past week on local gardens to visit.  I’ve visited all of them in the past, some of them many times.  When I was more able, I worked at one of them as a volunteer, but no more.

Many bulbs are up, with more to come. I hope Troy didn’t tramp all over the Snowdrops this morning when he resumed working on the brick wall out front. He knows I am nutty when it comes to my garden, and he is very careful usually.

Yes, we are in the middle of household repairs again. Troy resumed the brickwork yesterday after a hiatus of two miserable (for him) months when the mortar won’t set up properly.

Yesterday, on my daily walk with my dogs, I spotted a House Wren in a shrub.  The other thing we see at this time of year and again in the fall is migrating birds. But the House Wrens will hang around here for the summer.  We have Wren houses all over our yard because they are voracious insect eaters and help keep the garden looking nice.


We have completed our taxes and will pay the feds and get money back from the Commonwealth of VA.  Fortunately, the outgo will be less than the income.  Doesn’t matter because the next home repair will eat up the difference.  And so it goes.

Our home is in pretty good repair, but sometimes I can get over-excited about one thing or another.  David fixes some things but he can’t do the work he once did.  He says he can, but I won’t let him climb up on ladders anymore.  I don’t like me on ladders either, but needs must.


I began reading a new history today and am about half way through it…Nights Out in Cosmopolitan London, by Judith Walkowitz, a cultural historian.  Wonderful read. I just finished the chapter on ‘Shoppers and Schleppers’ about shopping in Soho. The area was a favorite of the Bauhaus photographers.

Here’s a link if you want to read more about this school of art:

Bauhaus Tel Aviv Museum

Bauhaus Tel Aviv Museum


17 thoughts on “Here and There

  1. I was wondering about your cherry blossoms on your header photo. I would love to see them someday when we visit our son, but I don’t know when that will be. For some reason, we’ve never been there in spring. That is a gorgeous header photo.


    • Years ago, I had a boss from Buffalo. He shared with me his memories of winter there. He has since retired in Memphis. My neighbor two houses away is also from Buffalo.

      NC is much milder than NY. Several of our older neighbors have sold up and moved to the Carolinas. I think the western part of the state is the best. My Mom is buried in Statesville, NC, and we have relatives there near Greensboro.

      David’s family lived in Wilmington, but he has no interest in returning, although most of his family is buried there.


  2. Gardening is beginning to be a priority. By the end of March all the basics are meant to be done but I haven’t got past the start yet. still pruning shrubs and cutting back last year’s herbaceous perennials. Can’t do as much as I used to do either, pacing myself is absolutely essential but not something I do easily.

    So I spend a lot of the rest of the time reading. One thriller followed by literature and so on. I am a voracious reader, but have given up on the learned tomes. I am too tired usually to retain much and find that I read the same paragraph in ‘text books’ over and over again, so decent lit. is my preferred intellectual stimulation.


    • Ah decent lit. But what is there today? We read much nineteenth century lit in my history program, but I made me sad because events usually turned out badly for women or the protagonist. I’ve tried short stories, a la The New Yorker but the problem is they are too short if they’re good. Alice Munroe has retired and I’ve read all her stories, books.

      I may read a book now and then read it again, but if I don’t recognize it the second time, so what. Why else hoard books as I do? I’ve read Pride and Prejudice several times. My problem is that I now know too much about the period in which Janie wrote her books, and I always have the nagging thought…..exactly how did Darcy make his millions? Given it was always something to do with the Empire, I find it less appealing. Perhaps, I will get past this some day. Meanwhile I read history.


  3. Keep saying we are going to see the cherry blossoms, but have not done it – yet. Spring is just beginning to sprout here, too.


  4. I’m excited to see Spring and your cherry blossoms. How I would love to visit your City .. It’s embarrassing that we’ve been in every State, but missed our Nations Capital. Oh well, we must have something to hope and plan for ( though those sands seem to flow through the hour glass at an ever faster rate).


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