What’s with this aging business anyway?

St patrick's day 2Good morning everyone. Did you remember to set your clocks ahead? David, otherwise known as Pops around here, is annoyed with me because I got up at 6:30 AM again.  We’re on Daylight Savings time, I tell him, so its almost 8:00 AM.

That means we went to bed at 1:00 AM, says he.  Listen I say, with an annoyed voice, I’m an adult and I can go to bed and get up when I please.  I then call the dog who has been waiting patiently, proceed downstairs to care for the animals, start the coffee, turn on the plant lights, fetch the paper…you know the drill.

I’ve slept about 6 hours a night all my life, even when I was a teen, and lay in bed until almost 8 AM week days, then I got up, dressed hurriedly and made a dash for the bus to school.  I stayed up late every night, out with my friends or home watching the late shows on TV after we finally got one.  Mom and I watched broadway shows, the Oscars, late night talk show hosts, and the televised broadcast of the Democrat political conventions.  Mom was the proverbial night owl, chain smoking until the wee hours.

The next morning, Mom would sleep in until 11:00 AM, but Dad would be up early especially on Sundays when he was home.  So I went to bed late like Mom and got up early like Dad a rhythm that worked well when I began to have children.


For an hour last night, we watched a PBS special, Gracefully Aging or Aging Gracefully…I’ve already forgotten the title.  The woman speaker whose name also escapes me, made some interesting points about the concept of aging.  I agreed with some of her conclusions and disagreed with others.  For example, I agree we shouldn’t give ourselves negative messages about aging, such as “I’m having a senior moment,” when you put your keys in the refrigerator, just as you did when you were age 25.

However, I disagree about not accepting a handicap placard if you need it and some do, or discount at a store. I’m not going to turn down the 10 percent senior discount at the vet’s office. Heck we clip coupons. Remembering to use them is another matter.

Ever since the baby boomers discovered the concept of aging, one “pep talk” after another has littered the PBS landscape. The 65+ population is the fastest growing market…finally.




30 thoughts on “What’s with this aging business anyway?

  1. I’m with you on using coupons and taking advantage of “senior offers.” I ask for discounts all the time. Coincidentally, I was planning to use a special coupon for lunch at my favorite restaurant yesterday. I checked just before leaving home. The coupon expired three days earlier.


  2. The time change annoys me every year. Wish they would leave it where it is right now and stop messing with it!

    As for aging gracefully, I wish the Hollywood set would get a clue. Sorry, but most of them look ridiculous with too big lips and eyes stretched unnaturally. My aunt is 80 and has had the maximum number of facelifts allowed. She thinks she has cheated age, but my husband guessed her at 75, so really, she only gained 5 years and looks plastic to boot! The focus needs to be on the inside of a person, not the outside. Sadly, I’m in the minority. And I will gracefully step off my soapbox now. 🙂


  3. Terry changed all of our clocks. The only ones who change themselves are the computers and phones. We are a very old-fashioned house around here, still running on 20th century technology.

    I hate to get up in the dark, and with the time change, it is again dark at 6 am. Having been sick though, I slept in until 9 on Saturday, 7:15 yesterday, and 7 this morning. I am hoping I will feel good enough tomorrow to get up early.


  4. No matter what the baby boomers think, they are still going to be over 60 Or 70 … and they are still going to look it, no matter how they try to deny it. Aging gracefully, to me, means trying to stay as healthy as you can, but not spending time and money trying to deny ones age.


  5. I think of these years as “golden years” but that is because I am blessed with a long and happy marriage. And I quite like being older – it gives me an excuse to sit down and do nothing. Not that I really need much of an excuse. Blessings from Freda at http://www.freda.org.uk


  6. I am trying to approach old age gracefully but when my back acts up I have been known to let out a swear word or two … not ladylike !!


    • Those swear words are merely foreign expressions once forbidden by our parents. I ceased being a lady years ago. Hope your back improves. I am wearing a “black belt” my therapist suggested to support my back, and doing stretches each AM too. So far so good. Knock on wood.


  7. Thanks to two very active dogs I am in bed most nights by 9-9:30 and up most mornings 5:30-6. Wasn’t always this way but now I’m on Eastern puppy time.


  8. Boomers have it all their own way.
    Has any previous generation been as spoilt as today’s boomers?

    btw: getting up and going to bed when one wants are part of the joys of retirement. Nobody is allowed to mess with that!


  9. Our clocks do not spring forward until the end of the month. The microwave clock is the only one that does not automatically switch over. I forgot about the car, that one I never seem to remember.


  10. I set the time early in the evening and then I try to forget the whole thing. Ack, daylight savings, and they have sneakily extended the time frame so it is most of the year. I be glad to see it go.

    Losing keys is a lifelong issue for me. Finding the right word is sometimes a big issue. Does a conversation no good when I think of it half an hour later. 😉


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