A bit and a bob or two

corned beefDavid chipped a path to the car in the ice-covered driveway, so tonight we are meeting the kids for dinner at our favorite Thai restaurant.  Richard is in town from San Diego for a class at the Navy Yard in DC, and Connie is driving up from the farm.  My youngest son in Martinsburg (near the NC border) is too far away to make the drive to NOVA**, especially with more snow forecast for tomorrow.

I burst into tears at the kitchen table this morning. Don’t know if it was the sight of the pot of coffee spilled everywhere or the grey skies.  I don’t drink coffee, so the mess was David’s, and not a very nice way to greet the morning.  I cleaned up the kitchen counters and he cleaned the floor.  From now on, I will have to double-check the coffee maker at night. He is so forgetful.  But so am I.  We now double-check everything.  I reminded him of the days when he had his own plane and he had to go through a checklist before he left the runway.

To cheer myself up, yesterday, I ordered $300 worth of yarn from a new supplier. David says, “Are you going to make another Afghan?”  I hope so says I, secretly planning several projects.  Maybe I just like yarn.  Beautiful, bright-colored yarn.  Got to bring color into the house some way.  David does it by plugging in his “happy lights”, Christmas lights we’ve had hanging on a living room wall for several years.

Well, this post is short, but until I can get outside again, it may be the best I can do. Meanwhile, I will be reading and crocheting…something new.  This week, I’ll visit blog friends as I can.

** What the younger locals call Northern Virginia;  they call the other parts of VA ROVA as in “rest of.”

19 thoughts on “A bit and a bob or two

  1. Sometimes it doesn’t take much to push us over the edge … esp. when we’ve been cooped up. shut up and fed up with winter. So to paraphrase another line of that poem: May the sun soon shine warm upon your face …


  2. Don’t worry Dianne – just wait until our season changes and you will have to listen to my moans and groans about the colder weather and grey cloudy skies without sunshine.
    Another one ( a knitter not crocheter) here waiting to see your new purchase – there is a certain look and feel to new unused still in the wrapper yarn isn’t there?
    Take care


    • I will take a photo when the box arrives. We’re supposed to get sixty degree weather next week. This cold and snow is March coming in like a lion. She will leave in three weeks, then it’s heaven here.


  3. Ah well, I’m sorry your day started out with a negative but your dinner with your kids sounds lovely. I love the sound of your yarn and am actually thinking of taking knitting lessons this year, if my fingers can handle it.


  4. There’s nothing worse than a spilled pot of coffee; I did that not too long ago, of course on the odd day when we were in a hurry to go somewhere. (The baske/tfilter thingy wasn’t in tight.) Nice to be meeting at least the majority of your children… hope you got out and back OK.

    I liked finding out about the NOVA/ROVA … it’s fun knowing how the ‘locals’ talk. I’m thinking of several places we went when we were traveling where they’ll easily identify you as a (dreaded) tourist by the way you ask a question or refer to the area.


    • I have survived this coffee business …again. Yes, we had a great time. Thanks.

      We have so much turnover in this area, it’s hard to spot the tourists. I’m odd because I have spent most of my life here.


  5. Gosh, you are early with the St Patrick’s Day card, we have to get to my birthday first! 😆 What colour yarn did you buy? I look forward to seeing the finished mystery projects.


    • Yes Saint Pats card is early. I have bunches of them. One per day in March. When is your birthday?

      As for yarn many colors for four projects. I work slowly, so I hope we both live long enough to see the completed projects. I’ll try to take a photo of the yarn when it arrives.


      • Please. We Irish do no like our national holiday name being abbreviated to St Pats, or even more sinful – St Patty’s Day. O look forward to seeing the yarn.


  6. I love the idea of coloured lights at different times of the year. Every Blessing to both of you – and good luck with the coffee-maker


  7. Happy lights or colorful yarn — whatever it takes to get you through a dreary winter. I’m just grateful for lots of sunshine and blue skies here (Denver).


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