Another kid photo

This is not a post, it’s a photo of my daughter.  Her first response on seeing it is “why is my hair yellow?”  Her hair is now white as mine and she likes it.  So do I.  we’ve reached the place where we like ourselves and I believe each other.  It wasn’t always like this.

Last night we had a “discussion” about American history.  Connie is a school teacher and I am her mother and It was the kind of discussion that could have ended badly, but we ended up laughing because we disagreed.  That’s progress and it only took 50 years to get here.IMG_0435

Connie’s dog is Lucy and she’s a three-month old German Shepherd, her new baby now that the human babies have grown up and left home.

9 thoughts on “Another kid photo

  1. I love it when my kids and I can talk. Takes a few years, I think when they reached age 40+ was when they began to see their parents as human beings.


  2. I wish my daughter and I had reached that state of acceptance and goodwill towards each other that you and your daughter have reached. I am losing hope. The worst thing is that I am also losing interest.


    • She has two Masters Degrees, one of them in English literature and Linguistics which means she read some English history. She also teaches high school history classes. I’m happy she likes the topic because it gives us something besides dogs to discuss. 😊


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