Oh no, not another book club

Mage and I ate her (in San diego) she said those colored things were place mats.

Mage and I ate here (in San Diego). She said those colored things were place mats.

The other day, Mage over at Postcards, got me to thinking about searching for a project.  Not huge project that takes years, lets face it I may not have years if this winter doesn’t end soon. I want a project that has a beginning, middle and end I can see.  Something creative.  I want a project I will enjoy doing.  Lately, I’ve been cooking, but the masterpieces I create are soon eaten.  Besides, my masterpieces are fattening. I make great desserts.

I pulled out my yarn stash this afternoon, and after an hour of sorting and stacking, found enough yarn to make another Afghan.  After many false starts with classes and instruction from others, I am knitting failure, so, I crochet. When I crochet, I work on my project in fits and starts while watching TV, the way Mom and I did years ago. But, I don’t have a cigarette burning somewhere the way she did.  Lately, TV has been big bore with rerun after rerun, so we don’t watch it often, which cuts into my crochet time.

I have recorded some foreign mysteries and like to watch these, but I have to look up to read the subtitles unless the mystery is Italian. David can understand the German mysteries without reading the subtitles.  After years of studying and using Spanish, I can understand some Italian (which is very similar) so I only have to look up once in a while.

The yarn company I used went out of business, probably because I hadn’t bought any yarn from them in a while.  (David says the liquor store up the street went out of business when he stopped drinking.)  I feel guilty about it when a store I’ve used for years goes out of business.

Speaking of which, our dry cleaners called to let us know we had three shirts that needed retrieving. David trekked down Route 50 to the cleaners and brought them home, leaving my summer bed cover behind for cleaning.  He reported that Mrs Mac has gone completely grey since Mr. Mac died. One of their sons and his wife run the business now, but Mrs. Mac helps out.  Her father owned the shop, and when he died, he passed it on to her and Mac who met and fell in love when they worked there in high school. So, it’s still a family owned business. But we don’t have the dry cleaning we once had when we both wore suits to work every day.

The shirts are my very large ‘fat’ shirts I hopefully will never need again.  I forgot I still had them as I have cleared and cleaned like a crazy person lately, and we have hauled boxes of stuff to Goodwill.

Even with the crochet project I still need a project.  David says spring is almost here.  Oh goodie, then we can begin the yard work again.


I walked outside this morning, sort of…I still couldn’t get around the house.  I should have had the kids who shoveled snow on Tuesday shovel more. Tomorrow is the first of March. Things are bound to improve. I hope so, if I eat anymore cookies, I’ll need those fat shirts.

9 thoughts on “Oh no, not another book club

  1. I am desperately trying not to eat any (too many) sweets because I’ve got a blood test coming up. I know. I know. This is defeating the purpose. Ah well. I’m bad.


  2. You are ambitious. The winter has made me lazy. I can’t wait until spring to get outside and reactivate my body.


    • I drive my husband crazy, because I go like the Energizer Bunny. I might be an old bunny but I’m still active. Spending time indoors is extremely unpleasant.

      Besides I noticed you go much more than I do and still feel guilty. Why?


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