A little of this and a dash of that

st patrick 7I promised David I would make chili today, but first he had to go to Trader Joe’s for a garlic bulb.  I’ve been on a garlic kick lately, no more using the powered stuff, but actually chopping it by hand.  As I do this I like to imagine I am one of those chef’s on TV.

Do you ever watch the various cooking programs PBS airs on the weekend?

America’s Test Kitchen is a favorite of mine.  After watching several shows, I even began replacing my old pots with new All clad pans so I could use the same utensils when I tried a recipe.

I also purchased items such as kitchen scissors, a mango slicer, an oven thermometer and stand mixer, and then wondered how I had managed all these years without them.  One of my favorite purchases has been a microwave pan for cooking bacon that I purchased online, probably via Amazon.

We eat bacon and eggs about 5 days a week.  Other mornings I fix muffins, scones, or something similar.  One of my New Year’s resolutions was to eat breakfast before noon. This meant preparing something I would eat.  Cereal is fine and if I do eat it, I have Shredded Wheat (which Aunt Marge said tasted like hay) or oatmeal.  Another resolution was to stop drinking coffee because it made my Acid Reflux worse.  I’ve done pretty well with both of these resolutions.

I also bought jars of jams, jellies, conserves and marmalade for toast or whatever.  I’ve actually acquired a taste for marmalade. We like the Trappist Monk brand for many of these items, although I like best the Dundee marmalade from Scotland.


I finished another book about the Puritans this week, and for a change of pace, have resumed reading Dead Lagoon, a Zen mystery. I was down yesterday afternoon and decided it was too many reruns on evening TV, too much sugar, too little sunlight, too little exercise, and spending the day reading about Puritans and their struggles. So a good mystery with dead bodies hauled from sewers and a filthy lagoon in Venice should perk me right up…right!


Yesterday, someone sent a message on FB that said Dwight David Eisenhower’s mother was mulatto.  I don’t know if this is true or not and have had difficulty tracking it down.  If true, it means that Eisenhower was the first mixed race president, not Obama.  It also means the first mixed race president was a Republican.  I just ordered a new biography about Eisenhower to see what the author says. Does anyone know the answer plus a good source?


David is back from the store with a very nice garlic bulb, so I’m off to make Chili.  Happy weekend!

11 thoughts on “A little of this and a dash of that

  1. What do you think about the garlic that comes in jars already minced or chopped.? It seems to work for me when I’m in a hurry. We love garlic. We eat cereal , fruit and peanut butter toast for bkfst most mornings. But I love BLTs … (Good tomatoes here now) and so that microwave pan would be a good investment. (The sandwich would be our lunch or supper, with a salad or something else like that.)


  2. It looks like you eat much better than I do. Of course living alone is a big part of it and I really don’t like to cook. Last week I made a chichen, veggie casserole in the crockpot and ate that for the rest of the week. Boooooring.


  3. I know his mother was a Quaker but didn’t know anything else about her. I am definitely in a cooking phase and am having a great time in the kitchen. When the warmer weather gets here I daresay I will be off out again and we’ll be relying on quick meals. We’ve both enjoyed the cooking shows but haven’t seen the American Test Kitchen, yet. I not only enjoy oatmeal I enjoy shredded wheat.


  4. I plan to buy chili with a fundraiser ticket which my granddaughter sold me. It had better be good, because it cost $9.00.

    I am presently using my crock pot to make a chicken veggie and pasta dinner. The is my 2nd time using this recipe. The first time I made it, the aroma was heavenly and the meal was simply delicious. We are looking forward to a pleasant dinner tonight.


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