Ejection, dejection, and rejection

Mimosa (Albizia julibrissin

Mimosa (Albizia julibrissin) known by many names such as Persian silk tree.  Considered an invasive species in the Eastern and southern United States.

I wasn’t going to write a post today, but changed my mind when David brought home two bunches of tulips.  Although I asked for red and yellow, all the tulips are purple.  So its official, David is not only hearing impaired, he is color blind. Nevertheless, I put them in two vases and we will enjoy them.

Of course, I’ve suspected his color impairment for a long time.  When I met him he wore nothing but brown clothes, “cast offs” from his much taller brother, that David had not bothered to have altered.  David was two years sober then and very charming, even if he looked like an escapee from a fire sale.

 For a while before we married we lived together, and the first thing I did was drag him shopping for new clothes.  He hates shopping, so eventually, I began to buy most of his clothing.  This works pretty well, except he will mix things in odd ways from time to time.

I can’t say that I have always been skilled in selecting men’s clothes, but I listened to the various salesmen on those shopping excursions and it gave me insight into how colors work together.

 These days, we keep it simple and wear the uniform of the “grey hairs” … stretchy pants and loose tops. Comes in handy when they haul you into the emergency room.


 I spent the morning rebuilding a limb of the family tree. I’ve cut it out twice but decided to rebuild it after I found irrefutable evidence of our connection. Earlier, I decided I was not related to the Dudley family of Massachusetts after I read that 11th Great Grandfather Thomas Dudley sat on the church committee that exiled the **Sainted Anne Hutchinson** from Salem and banished her from the Massachusetts Bay Colony.  Anne was sick and heavily pregnant, but she broke their proscription by preaching (women shouldn’t do it), “antinomianism” so they cast her out.

So who wants to be related to these clowns, I said to myself and chopped out the offending limb.  Now I have rebuilt it for the third time, mostly because I am trying to be honest about our mottled family history.

** Preface to The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne, another dejected descendent of these Puritan ancestors.  Read more about Anne at this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anne_Hutchinson  

12 thoughts on “Ejection, dejection, and rejection

  1. You’ve probably already noticed that your tulips faded to shades of pink…. I’ve noticed before that you get two colors for the price of one with dark colored ones. You made me laugh about the clothes (especially being ready for the emergency ward.) As you can probably imagine, we don’t dress up much around here — David would fit right in even if he chose his own outfit.


  2. This entire post had me LMAO. You have developed a theme of humor throughout your posts lately that is delightful. “Comes in handy when they haul you off to the emergency room” is priceless!!


  3. Well, if you have to be honest, keep the tree limbs that offend. I would.
    As for being color blind, my hubby (also named David) is color blind. He cannot see red as true red. I am always helping him with that.


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