Wednesday watch

Squirrel sasses me, August 2008

Squirrel gives me sass. Taken with my phone camera, August 2008

Another ridiculous water/sewer bill arrived from the county today.  $660 plus change.  You might recall we had this problem before. It came to nothing and we paid the bill because you can’t fight City Hall.

We are dealing with automation, a truck comes by once a month and “reads” the meter usage. County officials say these instruments are “working perfectly”. i.e., we must have a leak.  So, we go through the same process again…dye in the toilets, etc.  I miss the days of the meter reader, but alas, they are gone, and now we deal with government bureaucrats.


Ah well, my new pot arrived today.  No, I didn’t consciously destroy my 50-year old pot so I could buy a new one.  The new pot, just the right size to make soup for two is exactly what I need.  I’ve been trying different recipes and found a few I really like, such as a beans and kale soup. I mean what’s better than beans and greens in a soup on a grey day with “pretend” snow. IMG_0680The only thing I need now is a new stove, but fat chance of getting one with those water bills. At least the bills come addressed to me these days.  For a while it was as if I didn’t exist, because although we think we think we are an enlightened society, if you live with a man with a different last name, the bureaucrats send the bills to him.  As I’ve taken over the paying of bills, I want them in my name.  If I predecease David he can get them changed again.


Brother D stopped by to visit yesterday with Kathy.  I thanked him for not bringing that scary Franciscan with him.  I’ve had it with religious orthodoxy.

I finished the The Barbarous Years, by Bailyn, and although I hoped human relations might improve when he got to the Massachusetts Bay Colony, they did not. The same intolerance, in-fighting and internecine conflict existed.  And it wasn’t just Whites and Indians treating each other horrifically, it was Indians and Indians, and Whites and Whites. Everyone was afraid of the Iroquois who ate people.

I am convinced Americans have been a rowdy bunch from their inception. And the murder of the three Muslims in NC over a parking space is the same old, same old.  How depressing.

I’ll visit my blog friends later today.  At least we get along.

16 thoughts on “Wednesday watch

  1. I had to shake my head when they said the three young people were killed because of a parking dispute. Who would believe something like that? It’s all so very pathetic and sick!
    I just saw a video of a police officer who tackled an older fellow who was visiting his son in the U.S. It was beyond belief! The man who was from India is now paralyzed. He had never put up a fight or resistance. The police officer was fired as he should be, but why are we having so many police officers in the news lately for such horrible behavior? Good grief! I’m going off on a tangent when I meant to commiserate about the crazy water bill of yours.


    • It is upsetting to read that policemen and women these days are going off the rails. i think much of it is stress. People are generally much less respectful of authority than they were and the cops are mostly reacting, with some exceptions. Certainly people like Sharpton are not helping. Much as he fancies himself, he’s no MLK.

      Also the stories are much more complicated than the media make them to, i.e. Ferguson. From what I’ve read and deduced, the police in general are much more sensitized concerning human relations than the general public. And like most groups of humans, there are some who are unfit for the job.

      Very sad about the old man visiting from India. This cop definitely overreacted. As for the Muslim incident in NC, I don’t know the full story, but these disputes between and among neighbors over parking spaces can get out of hand, and it might not have anything to do with ethnicity. We had problems with our neighbor for years (a house full of college lads) until they finally moved away.


  2. Many of the early immigrants were drunks put out to pasture by their families. Water Bill. Go to your city council person. Find a way to bypass the bureaucracy. Don’t pay the bill.


  3. I love your last sentence … it’s why I stay with blogging instead of Facebook and other outlets like that !! Happy Valentines Day.


    • Almost all my relatives on FB are very conservative, and although I agree with them on many issues such as better care for our Veterans, I don’t agree with them on gun ownership or killing wolves. On the other hand, most of my left-wing FB friends also send me scurrilous things I delete. In the blog world we tend to be more circumspect.


  4. Dreadful that you’ve had another one of those bills. The fact that you’ve got to go through all that again is despicable. Why can’t we all get along? You’d think it would be so simple. Just a little more tolerance, a little more kindness. If we could inject that into our veins the world would be a lot better off. Of course it isn’t that simple but how I wish it was. We’ll head your way when the weather gets warmer. Would love to get together again.


  5. Don’t give up fighting for your sewer/water rights…As for our ancestors, I think you are right. Most early American settlers were a raucous, independent bunch.


  6. Yes, why can’t we all co-exist peacefully, just like Russia and China?

    Yesterday, hubby and I discussed inter-racial marriage in America and how it was illegal in many states not too long ago. I can’t imagine going to jail simply because I am Korean and hubby is white.

    Now, gay marriages are gradually being accepted.


    • I think some forms of interracial marriage existed in some states, like Hawaii, for decades. Virginia was a little slower to change, however, when Morgan Freeman had his family tree done, he found his grandparents were an interracial couple and he cried. Too sad.


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