Groundhog Day passed almost without incident, I only saw Bill Murray in one place and that was a still snapshot from his movie. Whereas the governor of a northern state, or was that the Mayor of New York? dropped and killed the groundhog last year, this year the groundhog squared the situation by biting a northern mayor on his ear….not Bill de Blasio.  I suppose all white guys look-alike to groundhogs.  Or perhaps politicians should leave those cute fuzzy photo opportunities to a gamekeeper.


My friend Sally told me that if I know the date, my name and where I am, I am OK.  However, around here during the winter months, everyday looks like every other day, and I begin to think it’s Sunday, no matter what day it is. Thank goodness my electronic devices know the time and date.  However, believing routine, i.e. structure is important, I try to set certain days and times of the day aside for events that punctuate our lives. For example, Saturday is for watering plants, Tuesday for washing the white things.

Otherwise, medical appointments punctuate our lives.  January was odd because we had no medical appointments, unless you count canine annual physical exams.  Both are scheduled for teeth cleaning in April.

I have finally learned how to use the electronic calendar on my Apple devices. A notice pops up if I need to give the dogs their monthly heart worm pills, put the enzyme mix in the toilets, fertilize the houseplants…as examples.


This morning twelve jars of Trappist Monk’s red current jelly appeared on the doorstep. I had only wanted to try one jar, but had to order six to get one.  Apparently, I inadvertently ordered two boxes of 6 each.  We will be eating red current jelly for months to come.  Today’s lunch = peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  I stored the jelly in the pantry with the marmalade and other jams and jellies. I’ll be happy to hear from anyone who has a good recipe using jelly…and not jelly rolls, please.

I called Kathy to let her know I had something for her, but she must have left her mobile phone in the house while she walked Caeli.

One of the reasons I like Amazon is because I can see my past orders, so if I like something, I can check to see what I bought last time. I have used this approach with books for years. But Goodreads tells me if I read the book.

You can laugh if you want to, but I have been absent-minded for ages and it has little to do with getting older.

When I was working outside the home, I wore suits everyday.  I looked in my closet one day, and everything I owned was grey. Okay, some things had stripes or ‘tastefully’ applied checks or were tweedy, but they were all grey or black.  That was me then, scared of my shadow and camouflaged like a grey mouse.

Shoes, were my downfall.  In the 1970s, after I began making a decent wage, I wore very high-heeled sexy Farragamo shoes and fell down a lot.

Once, while crossing Pennsylvania Avenue NW, it began to rain, and I made a dash for cover falling in the process.  I had been walking with a colleague, an ex-Jesuit I loved, and as he helped me up, he told me I shouldn’t worry about the rain, it was Oil of Olay.

I also ruined shoes like crazy, falling through the sidewalk heat vents while running from my office on H Street NW for the Metro after work, or dashing to one bookstore or another, like Kramer and Afterwords at Dupont Circle, on my lunch break.

After I met David, we ate lunch together every day, and walked to K Street or Pennsylvania Avenue to a favorite Bistro, and I began buying lower heels. Later, I moved into flat shoes but I still fall occasionally.  All my beautiful shoes are gone now, and I wear tie shoes.

Lisa, Larry and Dianne 1986

Fellow demographers and me in the 1980s.

20 thoughts on “Falling

  1. This morning twelve jars of Trappist red current jelly appeared on the doorstep.

    Goodness, Dianne, for a moment I wondered if red current jelly was being made from Trappist monks! 😉


  2. Oh the shoe envy that went on years ago – I still have one pair lounging around in a box at the back of the wardrobe – and I did attempt to try them on not long ago – attempt is the right word. Wearing flat shoes broadens your feet!! Couldn’t get them on – not even a little bit on 😦 WAS not a happy chappy I can tell you.
    Love the power dressing – look at those shoulder pads !!


    • I hated those stupid shoulder pads and usually removed them from my jackets. In those days I stood up straight and had good shoulders so I didn’t need the padding. As I recall the pads were ‘built in’ to this jacket, thus difficult to extract without dismantling the jacket.

      What I really hated was that the manufacturers put shoulder pads in dresses.

      As for shoes, my favorites were a pair of ruby red shoes. When I clicked my heels together on the bus home magical things happened.


  3. I love that last picture. You look very stylish.

    As for shoes, I love shoes, too. The last pair of stilettos I bought were so beautiful but only good for standing. I could stand for hours in those Coach shoes, but couldn’t walk 5 yards without being in severe pain. I gave them to my daughter who put them in the back of her closet.


  4. I no longer wear my high heeled shoes, but I still have them in my closet. They are too hard to part with, and, I guess, I still have hope that a miracle will happen and I will once again walk gracefully into a room without wobbling.


  5. I have to be very careful about falling. For some reason, I keep turning my ankle which is very painful. As for memory? Sheesh! I also have to use my devices to let me know what day it is. Maybe I’m getting too dependent on it. I saw the video of the mayor getting bit by the groundhog. Yowch! That was a shock! I don’t know why they bother with the groundhog in Chicago because there’s ALWAYS ALWAYS 6 more weeks of winter.


  6. I leave myself notes. In fact I am meeting a friend for lunch on Thursday and I put up a big note on my fridge to remind me. Lovely photo and nice to read those memories. Jam tarts? You can cut out circles with a cookie cutter, place a teaspoon of jam on one circle, put another on the top and pressing to seal edges. Bake in the oven until nicely browned and you have a mini dessert. You can freeze the rest for later. If you don’t want to make your own pastry you can buy the store bought. Great portion control also.


  7. Now, at last I can leave notes. Part of rebuilding my computer has been resetting my passwords on everything. Grrrrrrr. Yup, you were grey, black., and white that day. I still have one pare of Manolo Blahniks and one pair of tall heeled DKNY’s. So beautiful to look at, so much to pay even at Nordies Rack. LOL Bobbie, my long time friend, is going to the grammy’s. She’s my age and wearing a smoking jacket, and cowboy boots. 🙂


    • Bobbie should fit right in. Sooo CA. I loved that outfit I was wearing, white linen skirt, black silk bouse, and I think the jacket was Ellen Tracy. Clothes were still mostly made in the States in those days. But I always bought Italian shoes. Shopped in NYC. Glad to see you online again.

      Time for me to visit Nordies and buy new shoes, but I am wearing Mephistopheles walking shoes these days.


  8. You should live in Hawaii, where colors riot in nature. However, more and more residents are wearing boring pants and shirts, a far cry from my colorful muumuus. My own daughters don’t and won’t wear a muumuu. Thankfully, my hubby wears Aloha shirts so at least we match.


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