A non-football day.

Amazingly, despite the fact I’ve done nothing but eat the past few weeks, my weight has remained stable.  Next week, I tell myself, next week.  In Weight Watchers, every day and every week are a chance for a new beginning. Luckily, I’ve eaten more fruits and veggies lately, even developing a taste for broccoli, although during the winter months “The crop is lean and pickings are poor,” as David likes to say.  Probably something he heard from one of his farmer ancestors.

During the colder months, I do more baking as the extra heat from the oven is nice in the kitchen. Most of the windows in our house are on the backside, and most of those are in the kitchen, so it gets colder back there. We run a little Vornado heater all day to keep the parrots warm and us too when we eat at our table.

I baked chicken thighs covered in mushroom gravy last night served over rice with broccoli as our vegetable, but we ate on trays in the living room while we watched the weather channel, which caters to seniors I think.

I am so tickled with the new rice cooker, which I finally learned to use, I told David I would find a recipe for rice pudding in my WW cook book. And I did.


My daughter and her husband stopped by last night with two of their seven dogs, Daisy Mae, a Spaniel and bird dog mix, and Lucy, an 11-week old German Shepherd puppy Connie bought from an Amish family in PA.

Although much larger dogs, both Daisy Mae and Lucy are terrified of Johnny, my little Pom who weighs 10 pounds and who growled continuously while they were here.  The granddaughters, having all flown the nest, in between the growls, we spent most of the two hours they were visiting discussing dogs. That’s fine because we have replaced our grown children with dog children, who in many ways are better behaved.


While others watch football this afternoon, I will read and do more research on my family tree. Meanwhile David will work on his third computer, pieces of which lie all over his shop. The second desk top came home earlier this week “fixed,” but he says he can’t get it to connect to the Internet. I suspect he has been “fixing” it again…   Meanwhile the laptop I gave him works fine, but he says he needs a desktop to do the taxes. I’m letting him figure this out on his own.

My scary boy!

My scary child!

14 thoughts on “A non-football day.

  1. When I was a kid, in our family you had to eat your vegetables — except you were allowed to “reject” one vegetable and when it was served you didn’t have to eat it. My reject food was broccoli. But now I like it … go figure.


  2. From what I’ve seen on tv recently it looks like our Aussie Rules players whose games are played in winter are back in training – summer is still here and the pre season doesn’t start for weeks yet we are being bombarded with it already.
    The Golfer is always tinkering with computers – we could open a spare part shop I’m sure with all the bits he has in boxes – you know those ‘might come in handy ‘ bits he has removed from one pc yet is loathe to throw away because they ‘still work’ – we have a surfeit of them and I’m sure they will never ever in my lifetime be used again!
    Have been having trouble commenting on loads of blogs recently as well, people will begin to think I don’t like them.


    • Tinkering is what David does best these days. He built the HP versions 30 years ago, but that was 30 years ago. These days the technology is way beyond him. Even I know more than he does and I use Apple products.

      David is also a pack rat. I tell him if he lived alone no one would know if he died because they wouldn’t be able to get through the front door. He never throws anything away…never.


  3. Your scary child is adorable! We have the game on but more for Gregg than for me. He insisted I root for someone though so I said the Seattle Seahawks. They are behind right now so I find myself rooting for them.


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