Accidents, and more.

My finger feels a bit better now, so I thought I’d drop a line.  I burned it earlier when I turned on the wrong burner and overheated a pan I’ve had for over 50 years.  It was a good pan, and now its charcoal.  I tried to move the pan while it was hot, with a heat pad, but one wayward finger touched it.  David carried the pan to the trash bin and I’m using a “new” pan I bought two years ago to make my Mom’s famous Tex-Mex chili for our big meal today.  I make the same amount mom did and I did when I had three kids at home, so we have plenty of leftovers.


Meanwhile, despite the rain and sleet and high winds, David recovered his desk top computer yesterday, so we are one step closer to loading TurboTax and proceeding with the federal income taxes. The remainder of the W-2 forms came in the mail today, the only outstanding pieces of paper we needed.  My job is to pull all the paperwork together.  The medical stuff alone is a huge pile.

I handle the bills and most of the paperwork these days, and this month I partially automated our electric bill.  This means I paid it online.  Next month the bill will arrive online.  My goal is to get all the bills automated and now, except for the newspapers, they mostly are.

Automation,  just one more thing to keep the old grey matter charged.


img034 img035

 Above, David playing tennis with Uncle Clarence in Sheboygan WI, probably in the early 1990s.

Earlier I loaded the paper towels on our antiquated paper towel holder.  David can’t do that anymore because he can’t lift his right arm higher than his shoulder and the paper towel holder is under a cabinet. David’s shoulder is one more joint the surgeon says he cannot fix.

David says he’s going to play tennis again, and I don’t discourage him by being a nay-sayer.  He played tennis with the seniors group here in Arlington several times a week until he fell in the driveway and broke his hip when he was 78.


We finally managed to get the dogs to Alan, our dog groomer, yesterday, but I missed my turn with Nash.  Meanwhile, I look pretty scruffy.  Our cleaner, Ines doesn’t mind. She came Wednesday, the first time in several weeks.  She said they had moved houses, and she had much paper-work.  Don Jose’s English is not so good, and he cleaned the past few weeks with a couple of the girls who work for Ines, none of whom speak English. Don Jose is a sweet man, and he calls me ‘Miss Dianne,’ but I like it better when Ines comes.

David banged his hands again last night and the bruises are totally black today.  He says the trash can lid fell on him.  We have the wheelie bins that sail away if the lid is raised in a high wind and he was trying to hang on.  Everywhere you look danger lurks for the senior.

23 thoughts on “Accidents, and more.

  1. I have these plasters that you put on burns to stop them blistering they’re really good from Boots the chemist but I can’t remember what they’re called, they work and stop mild scars too. I got some when I burnt my arm with a hot curling wand ooO


  2. That was David in the white wasn’t it – He was a fine looking man with a strong looking body, has he lost much condition – sorry that sounds as though I’m talking about a racehorse doesn’t it lol.
    Some of our best meals have been suprise packages from the freezer – if it doesnt smell sweet it must be a savoury first course. Some days when there are lots of what look like enough just for one – it’s one for me and the other for him!


  3. I lost a small saucepan last week the contents were totally stuck to the base. Thankfully I had a new one the same size to replace it. I am thinking of putting a sign on the kitchen door: Check the Cooker! Do you think it will work?


  4. Sorry to hear about the bumps and burns. They just happen don’t they? I have a good friend who only has to have the slightest knock and she will get a black and blue bruise. I enjoyed the tennis photos and your header photo is so pretty.


  5. Be careful you two! It feels to me like I have to watch myself the way I watched my toddlers, no ladders, watch the stairs, icy? stay in, sigh 😉 Haven’t reached a no cooking stage but I don’t leave the kitchen much when I cook anymore, just easier that way.


  6. Yeeks, be careful out there. I nearly burned an apartment building down back when we were first married in that same way. Remember the old deep-well cookers? Our stove had that and I left a pot of beans on (what i THOUGHT was) low. Then I left to take our baby to the park. Someone outside noticed smoke. The pan was ashes, the stove was ruined, the apartment had serious smoke damage, and there were little metal-covered nuggets that used to be beans all over.. Great job huh? (Nobody will ever really know when I have senior memory lapses as I seem to have been born with them.) Must add that fortunately for us the apartment building belonged to my parents so we did not get evicted or sued. Although we had to move in with them for awhile as it was renovated. (If it hadn’t been for us having their first grandchild, I think they would have been rather more severe about the whole thing!)


  7. This is a sad commentary on getting old and older. Weren’t we all young and healthy at one time?
    I try to make our dinner meal last 2 nights. Then on the 3rd day, I discard the left overs to prevent food poisoning.


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