Not stir crazy yet?


Above: Janet’s house across the street. A ship captain had it built and it has five levels. 

Confined for a week by the forces of nature, as well as a cold and very sore set of left leg muscles, I’ve been entertaining myself with my laptop and iPad. Mostly reading, checking bank balances, thinking about taxes, and working on my family tree which contains hundreds of records. My goodness some of my ancestors on my mom’s side were dirt poor as the proverbial church mice.

I tell myself this confinement is not forever, I will get better, and spring will come again.

January is a foul month, mostly good for sleeping.  I like a cold bedroom, so while Troy the brick mason found the weather unsuitable for his work this past week, the subarctic temperatures produced the ideal conditions for me sleeping soundly at night.  Oh Joy.

When I looked out my bedroom window yesterday morning I found the sky all pink and blue.  Our skies in winter are so gorgeous.


Today while eating my lunch of almond butter and blackberry jam on toast, I thought about my eighth grade home economics teacher.  She didn’t like me very much.  Home Ec was a required course for girls in those days, but I didn’t learn anything…which should have told me I was not destined to become a homemaker.  I barely passed the class, making a stupid frilly, furrfu apron which Ms. Blount graded a B-.

Ms Blount, pronounced Blunt, also told us to never, ever, under any circumstances put butter on our bread before we put it under the broiler. If you butter the bread before you cook it, you can’t digest it properly, she told us.  Her rationale was that the saliva in your mouth begins to break down the starches in the toasted bread long before the butter reaches your stomach where further digestion occurs before the food moves to the small intestine where bile acid dissolves the butter.

I had never heard of toasting bread under a broiler, so of course I had to try it.  The first toast I made under the gas broiler caught fire.  The next time I made toast, I buttered it first and sprinkled it liberally with cinnamon sugar. After it was charcoaled, I tasted it and burned my tongue.  It was delicious. I figured my saliva could start with the unbuttered side first. I haven’t died since, but it’s not an issue because I don’t use butter very often.


So I’m reading my AARP bulletin, and there’s an article on women who had children after fifty, and I think to myself, they are nuts.  My very sensible daughter, who will be 54 this year, faced with the exit of the last child from her nest, did the best thing.  She got another dog.  The daughter who is leaving is taking her dog with her.  Connie says she needs to round out her pack.

Two weeks ago Connie and Bill drove to Amish county in PA, just north of us, and brought the new puppy home. She looks like one of these, and yes, she’s a German Shepherd.  Now I want one too….baby-german-shepherd-3

19 thoughts on “Not stir crazy yet?

  1. Sounds a lot like me and shop class (also a requirement for boys). I made a pair of bookends shaped in the letter “H” for my last name. It was the easiest thing I could think of since I was totally inept at woodworking (or metal working for that matter). I believe I got a very generous “C” on that project.


    • The real question is…did you acquire more skill as you aged? I had to laugh because my granddaughters favorite TV program was Norm the carpenter who made furniture on a PBS program. You might remember Norm from ‘This Old House.’ He was the original tool time guy.

      Also, my favorite piece of furniture is a bookcase David made for me. He had oodles of skill, most of it developed as an adult.


  2. You made an apron. We made bloomers. Yes. Elasticated top and bottom long leg bloomers. The nun provided the pattern and we the fabric. My finished work of art from that one glorious nuns bloomer pattern would fit , my granny, mammy and me all at the same time!


  3. Snap! I didn’t learn anything from my home economics teacher either, we had the same nun for five years!! Why did I not learn anything? I already knew all about cooking, cleaning, darning and sewing repairs for our large family (eight in total) at home. Anything I ever learned on that subject was from my mother. We had to carry our own ingredients into school and carry the finished dish home again at lunchtime… try carrying soup home home on a jolting bus: disaster!


  4. The only thing I remember from Home Ec was how to make French dressing. I usually just buy dressing from a bottle now unless somebody else makes it or I get an amazingly easy to make recipe. I’m sorry you have to get through January, Dianne. It was my least favorite month in Chicago. Actually, I didn’t much like the weather until it got to March in Chicago. :- ) I hope you’re feeling 100% soon too!


  5. I have fond memories of German Shepherds. My father’s colleagues used to bring their K-9’s to our home and I was able to play with them as a child, even though they were police dogs. I hope you feel better soon.


  6. Get better soon … But I guess if you must have aches and pains it’s good timing to have them on cold days when you can’t go out anyway. I wonder if I wouldn’t have minded the gray damp cold winter days so much if I had been blogging and IPadding back then, before we retired. IPads, blogs, good cell phones, and kindles and digital cameras didn’t even exist in my world anyway back then. We have lots more to amuse ourselves with now!

    Do hope your weather and health I prove soonest. And , uh, you do know those adorable puppies are going to grow really big don’t you :)))!


  7. Sorry about your cold and aches, but, oh well, you are still alive and blogging. Lol.
    If you don’t have a toaster oven, you should get one. We are having so much fun with ours that our tenant returned. We have baked grilled cheese sandwiches, frozen taquitos and frozen chimichangas both from Costco, and frozen waffles, too. Yum.


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