As long as its chicken…

Lunch with my son at Balboa Park, November 2014. Where once there were three chins, I'm down to one saggy chin.

Lunch with my son at Balboa Park, San Diego, November 2014. Where once there were three chins, I’m down to one saggy chin.

Okay, I admit it, this post is a plea for sympathy from all the other fatties out there. I haven’t been very good food-wise over the holidays, and I’ve gained two pounds.  Thinking that because I lost some weight last year, I could eat like a normal person, i.e., one without the fat gene, I went for it.  Don’t tell me that fat gene doesn’t exist because I know otherwise.  My poor husband who can’t seem to gain weight no matter how much or what he eats, consumes twice as much as I do, eating morning noon and night.

To rub it in, David tells me he is at his “high school” weight. I’m at my high school weight also…fat.

Thus I broke out my Weight Watchers cookbooks this morning, and looked for recipes I like and will eat. It boils down to this…anything I like as long as its chicken.


Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions?  I did although some nay-sayers who also don’t believe in Santa Claus will say resolutions are hopeless. I make them anyway.

1/ Given my weight issues, I am pledging to eat more vegetables.  Grandma Lynn had a good post last week about how to sneak veggies into your food.  She was trying to fool her family members, I’m trying to fool me.

2/ I am pledging to get more exercise.  Last year, I quit my underused membership at the gym and signed up for Yoga at the hospital.  Unfortunately, first class I got down on the floor and couldn’t get back up. Guess I shouldn’t have tried “Yoga for Everyone.’

Winter semester, I am thinking of trying Tai Chi. I won’t lose weight with this exercise, but it might help me keep my aging arthritic bones from freezing like a rusty auto. I notice many older people doing this exercise, and its either that or “Seniorcise.”  Trouble is, I’m having difficulty thinking of myself as a senior.

 Meanwhile, my doc told me to ride my exercise bike 10 minutes a day.  I hate that bike. I like a recumbent bike which works as well and causes me no back pain. The therapist told me I could probably find a cheap recumbent bike on EBay.  I bought a ‘Exercise Peddler” instead.  According to the ads, I can sit in my easy chair, read my book, and use it.  First, I must move it out of David’s shop where it rests on a bench I meant to paint so I had a place to set my desktop computer. But I haven’t bought the desk top computer.  I have been too busy cooking chicken dishes and sending David to the store to buy vegetables.

26 thoughts on “As long as its chicken…

  1. How wonderful to spend time with your son. I miss being able to do that. Your David is EXACTLY like my Art. Art keeps telling me he is at his high school weight and he has a hard time gaining weight. I, on the other hand have gained SIX- SEVEN pounds now that I need to get rid of. Sheesh!


  2. Loved the picture of you and Richard. I still see the little boy I knew. As for veggies ,we weren’t vegetarians but they made up the bulk of our diet along with cornbread and biscuits .If you have trouble liking them combine them with something you do like..steamed mashed cauliflower added to mashed potatoes. Rutabaga cooked with carrots. Indian food has a wealth of veggie dishes ditto Greek.Sometimes it’s the method of cooking that makes the difference in if it tastes good to you.Pinterest is a good source of for this.


  3. Congrats on losing a couple of chins — every little bit helps. I haven’t weighed since the holidays, but since I can still get in my clothes I choose to believe all is well. I think one of the best recumbent-type exercise vehicles for the likes of our generation is a NuStep — different than the bike I have. I must set up a routine & begin this year using the bike I have. Lost wt last year but have some more I need to jettison.


  4. My New Year Resolution is to stop using my treadmill as the most expensive clothes hanger I have in the bedroom!!! Slice of cake aye? lol! Yes I know Dianne, I’m terribly wicked.


  5. My mother never allowed us to have a weighing scales in the house growing up and dieting was considered a dirty word. We eat well, all home slow cooked food and none of the eight of us were over weight. We were all beanpoles and allowing for all the birthdays that we now passed, none of us carry excessive weight. As mammy said, a good mixed diet on a daily basis with a little of what we fancy was the way to go.


  6. I’ve pretty much given up eating meat but I do get tired of only chicken. Living alone makes it hard to eat well but I keep a big jug of V8 on hand and fool myself that I’m getting the veggies. As far as exercise … ugh !! HOWEVER…I do have one discipline and that is that I do the warm-up exercises for Tai-Chi every morning and have been doing that for about 12 years. It really helps.
    Good luck with it all … a lifetime struggle.


    • I eat very little meat, but retain fish, eggs, and chicken in my diet. Owing to an inherited issue with my stomach (pyloric valve does not close properly) beef is very near verboten, chili being an exception, owing to the beans and other veggies and spices that make it palatable.


  7. GiGi, I agree with you. I lost 40 pounds and gained two back. So I am putting the brakes on holiday eating NOW. The key is to keep the lower weight. Very Important for my health. These days my weight fluxes by one or two pounds around my new lower weight. And I want to lose 20 more pounds which my doctor wants also. Being overweight is very hard on my old arthritic bones, heart and lungs and can lead to diabetes. Unfortunately people like me who have a fat gene have an uphill battle.


  8. I read that yo-yo dieting is bad for your heart. Losing weight and then gaining it back is very bad. It is better to remain stable than to go up and down. Better for your heart.


  9. Our grandchildren are with us for a few days (or I should say, we are with them), and giving us plenty of exercise. Fortunately, the little guy is just about potty trained, so I don’t have to bend over and change diapers, or carry him around to do so. When they would stay with us, and I had to do those chores in addition to care and feeding, my back would begin to hurt.

    Although we overdid with baked goods over the holidays, we are very good about eating veggies since we get our csa box every week. BUT, for the holidays, they take off two weeks and I’ve been bad about going to the store to buy vegetables during that time. Tuesday we get our box so I can again plan our meals around those veggies.


  10. Out shopping veggies tomorrow also. No “fat” food in the house because I ATE IT ALL. Going back to the gym, only classes for “You Who Are Totally Out of Touch with Your Bodies.” No floor work, walking in the pool sounds good. Hang in there.


  11. Getting old(er) sure isn’t for sissies. When I was young(er ;>)) I used to think it might be nice in a way to be old because all my problems would be over and solved. Now I know that the only time that’s gonna happen is when I don’t exist any longer. (And I think I’ll choose the problems for a while more, given the choice!)


  12. LOL…stop sounding like me. Oh, I aate, and ate, and ate, and have no idea what I weigh. I’m feeling vastly better tho and was going to the gym till my cold zapped me. Yes, bought a cook book about chicken yesterday too.


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