Family Daze

Family gathering.  Are the kids bored out of their minds?

Family gathering. Are the kids bored out of their minds?

Around the holidays, I see more of my granddaughters than at other times of the year. Unused to the excitement, after the kids leave, we crash.

Busy with their own lives, the girls make it here when they can.  Amelia is finishing her Master’s in Earth Science Education at UVA this fall. She will work on a research project next spring, eventually applying for a teaching post in Virginia.

Headed to Savannah Georgia to a Dairy Conference in January, Joy spent much of her semester at Virginia Tech, attending cattle competitions at county fairs in New England and the mid-Atlantic states this fall. Joy aims to have visited all the States before she is 30.

Sounds perfectly wonderful until I realize Joy appears with her head partially shaved.  She confesses that like the Sandra Bullock character in Miss Congeniality, set her hair on fire in chemistry lab and shaved the rest off.  What were you doing, I ask her.  Crystal Meth? her mom quizzes.  She scowls at her mother and says she can’t remember.  Show Grandma the bull you had tattooed on your butt, says her Mom.

Granddaughters, Hannah and Rita, are working today, one for PetSmart as a manager, the other for Madison University as an assistant manager in one of their onsite restaurants.  I will see them around Christmastime.


After the family leaves on their way to visit their third aging parent of the day, the one with MS, we crash….David asleep in his chair, me reading.  This morning, I completed The Improbable Primate by Finlayson. Next, I will finish the Dibdin mystery Dead Lagoon, set in Venice.

I fixed Tilapia, green beans and potatoes for our Thanksgiving feast.  The turkey breast I bought at Trader Joe’s sits in the fridge with the Brussels Sprouts.  Maybe I will cook it tomorrow, maybe not.  We’re laid back over the holidays.

Time to walk the dogs.

My four granddaughters last year.

My four granddaughters last Christmas…Joy had hair then and Hannah was still a blonde.


14 thoughts on “Family Daze

  1. That’s why we are enjoying the time with our small grandchildren now. We know this won’t last as they get older. They will find us boring and not want to spend the time with us. It’s a lot of work right now, and we are certainly tired when the kids leave, but we are so glad to have this time.


  2. I loved reading your Family Daze. Your grandchildren sound lovely and enjoyed the photos. I was amused about the hair but glad she was not seriously hurt. The bull tattoo made me laugh. After visiting family down south and having a lovely time, we are also enjoying our quiet time. I slept for three hours this afternoon. No doubt I will be dancing the light fantastic when I should be sleeping, or maybe not. I don’t think I have ever danced the light fantastic!


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