Everyday, something new to learn

A rose in my son'd garden just after a night of rain.

A rose in my son’s California garden just after a night of rain, iPhone, 2014.

Just when I think I have a procedure nailed something new comes along.  True these new “Procs”, as we called them in the office, often save labor if I take time to learn them, but I might be running out of time to learn new things.

I spent the AM loading more of the photos I stored on thumb drives to my MacAir. Did I take the not-so-handy course at the Apple store?  No, I did it my way.  Pretty soon I got the hang of it, but now I am wondering just how long these new copies of old photos will last.

One thing for sure, I won’t add tons of photos to blog posts or emails any time soon. Overwhelming.  Better to send them in dribs and drabs, I think.

img146 copy

I want this pot for my pansies. I think its an old grist mill wheel.

  OK like most parents, I have hundreds if not thousands of old photos of my kids, however, it annoys me that photos my dad took with his old Kodak film camera look better than anything I took.

Another great flower pot, Ely Cathedral UK

Another great flower pot, Ely Cathedral UK

I have thousands of snaps of places many others have photographed before and after me. With millions of Baby Boomers retiring and taking photography classes, I find it difficult to locate something not previously photographed.  Or if I photographed it, even years ago, others follow and take more photos.  Sometimes, I wonder how many photographers are photographing other photographers?

Heck the last time I visited Greenspring Park, one old guy was photographing weeds.  Not to be outdone, I followed suit.  Actually, the weed below doesn’t look that bad.  He took his shot with more expensive camera, however.  Probably for a class. The instructor said, “Get out there and take photos of something different.”

A nice weed, Greenspring Park Fall 2014

A nice weed, Greenspring Park Fall 2014

11 thoughts on “Everyday, something new to learn

  1. I have I don’t know how many photos. As soon as I download on my hard drive, I also copy them on a portable hard drive. Looking into putting them on the Cloud next. Many are already on Flickr.


  2. Terry is always taking photos of people taking photos. That and shoes are things he’s known for. Or, at least he was when he did photos for me for dances and such to put in the yearbook. My students LOVED his photos and always asked for copies back in the day before digital. After digital came along, they just took the flash drive and uploaded them to their own devices.

    Ah, technology is wonderful. I love the fact I no longer have to drop off film and pick up photos. I would do that two to three times a week when teaching.


  3. I have hundreds of photos on my hard drive. They are categorized pretty well, but still taking up a lot of space. I really need to go through the ones I don’t refer back to very often and at least put them in another storage medium.


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