Frosty Friday

IMG_0606Ice on the bird baths this morning so we brought the Vancouver Geraniums inside. I don’t know if I can keep them alive over the winter, but I intend to try. I placed them on trays near the plant stand or Etagere as the garden center calls it, under my grow light.  Following years of spindly houseplants, this was the best thing I ever bought myself.  It will go with me wherever I go.

As you can see in the photo above, the lower shelves of the plant stand don’t receive as much light from the overhanging grow light, but are perfect for African Violets , Christmas Cacti, and Orchids because they receive some light through the south-facing window. I took the photo as the morning sun flooded the porch and the window, so some of the plants are barely visible. Below, a close-up of one  geranium taken later this morning. I like them because of their beautiful leaves, not the flowers. IMG_0608Kathy says her mom always removed her Geraniums from their pots, shook the dirt from their roots, and hung them in the cellar.  The following spring she would replant them in their pots.  I don’t have a cellar or basement, so my plants will stay as they are.  I will give them some water over the winter to keep them alive,  and repot them with fresh soil next spring. Meanwhile Kathy is storing her geraniums in their pots in her basement.


Rolling the wheelie bins to the street for trash removal last night, David slipped, fell, and hit his head on one of the fence posts.  He had a large goose egg on the top left side of his head a few moments later. He refused to go to the emergency room, so I handed him ice packs and kept him up later than usual to watch him. He’s okay this morning although he says his head is still a bit sore.  He also hit his “good” hip (the 85-year old left hip) and is having some pain with that this morning.

We were supposed to attend an open house at the hospital this afternoon, and learn more about the services they provide our aging community, but David says he wants to take a nap instead.

Last May, when he had his physical exam, David’s doctor looked at all the bruises, and told him to stop falling. He broke his right hip a few years ago and had emergency joint replacement surgery, followed by knee replacement surgery a year later.

He cannot undergo joint replacement surgery again…according to his current (and excellent) surgeon, because he has heart issues. The surgeon told him there was nothing else he could do for him, except prescribe Hydrocodone for his pain.IMG_0422

14 thoughts on “Frosty Friday

  1. I hope David will feel better quickly after his fall. I am an expert at falling also but haven’t done so in quite a while. It was always in winter on ice. I refuse to go out in icy weather now. Please do keep up on your feet you two. Love those plants by the way.


  2. I would suggest to cut the pelargoniums back by half, at least the longest stems. You may lose flowers over winter but you’ll end up with bushy rather than leggy plants next spring. And keep watering to an absolute minimum. I always save my pelargoniums (or geraniums, if you prefer) over winter, watering only when the leaves droop. Watch out for nasty sticky insects too, or worse, slugs. You may have to pick them off if you keep the plants in the light.

    David’s falling is not a good thing. Many old people break something in a fall and have to stay in hospital. I know more than one who has subsequently succumbed to the old person’s friend: pneumonia. Keep him off (not on) ice. I have to look after my Beloved too, who is now in his 80s. He doesn’t go out to do any work now, except to take the dog for short walks.


    • Thanks for the advice about the Pelargoniums. I had planned to whack them back and water sparingly over the winter, but love hearing about others success at overwintering their plants.

      Re David. He bounds around to his favorite places, including the grocery store, most days, sees friends, then comes home and collapses in his easy chair. He’s always been a bit of a live wire, but his battery is waning I fear.


  3. My geraniums wintered over in their pots on my enclosed back porch when I had the house. Such lovely leaves. Hope David heals nicely. There is a limit on how much fixing can be done to us. Prayers for no more falling or any other disasters you two.


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