Thursday musings

Are we seniors beginning to sound alike?  We muse over our memories, we think we understand what’s happening in our world, we note tidbits in the newspapers, magazines and elsewhere.  I like these daily visits, as many small things hide away in the various news sources, and I want to know what my friends are doing.


Balboa Park, 2014. Photo by Wendy using a Nikon camera.

Balboa Park, 2014. Photo by Wendy using a Nikon camera.

When Connie came to visit Tuesday, she caught me up on the news about the granddaughters. She doesn’t hear from them much more often than I do, but she shared her crumbs, such as Amelia is finishing her internship and will graduate with her Master’s in Earth Science from UVA in December, and Joy is not going to the Czech Republic in January, but looking at Savannah Georgia instead.

Connie thinks she might be able to lure Bill away from work for a week next summer, so the two daughters who did not travel with her to California in 2014, Amelia and Rita, will get a chance to see California. The family will fly to Denver to visit Sarah, go camping in Yellowstone, then cross southern Utah by auto so Amelia can “see all the rocks.”  As son Richard  and wife Wendy are planning to fly from San Diego to Spain sometime in June, they may miss each other.  “I have a friend in San Diego who wants to take me to see one of the missions,” Connie says.


My trip to the dermatologist was uneventful. No obvious cancer cells lurking anywhere this visit.  I had my Kindle with me so we discussed books in libraries versus books online.  While she examined every centimeter of my body, she shared her computer had been hacked.  “We have a good security company, so they took care of everything,” she said.

The experience reminded me that with every step forward, such as improved medical care and the detection of incipient fatal illnesses like melanoma before they cause harm, we humans take one or two steps backward, as in the dirty rotten scoundrels who hack into our private lives and take things that do not belong to them. Jealousy, envy, the scourge of humanity throughout our history, and certainly deadly sins.


The weather outside is colder, so my plan for today is to stay warm with a cup of hot tea and a good book.  My kind of retirement.

My photo of the same place with my iPhone camera.

My photo of the Casa del Prado, iPhone camera. 2014



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