Camera contest

How well does the Canon camera in my Apple cell phone perform?  Below are two photos taken at Greenspring Park yesterday.  Can you tell which was taken with the cell phone and which with the Canon Power Shot SX30IS?

Update: Both photos taken with my large camera. 


IMG_0579 2. IMG_0195

20 thoughts on “Camera contest

  1. So even tho’ you mentioned your phone you actually took the photos with the canon camera? On the same day? Maybe it’s just the way you were standing – the angle of the camera giving that slightly different look.


    • I was collapsed on a bench. That’s me, walk 100 feet collapse on a bench. Walk another 100 feet and find another bench. And so forth.

      Raised the camera between shots, hence the leaves on the overhanging tree.

      I shoot wildly and sort the photos later. I really thought I took these photos with different cameras, but apparently, I didn’t. Faulty memory? Me or the camera.


  2. I’m confused. Does your cell phone have a Canon camera in it? I am guessing the second photo was made with the iPhone. It looks much like my unedited iPhone photos.


      • Terry can zoom and take pictures in low light much better with his ‘real’ camera vs my iPhone camera. But, the iPhone camera is quick, always with me, and I can upload to the internet immediately when I take a picture on the iPhone. I don’t even own a ‘real’ camera any more.


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