Monday trivia

The last burst of Irises this year.

The last burst of butter-colored Irises in my garden this year.

We’re off this morning to visit one of the local parks and catch the last of the flowers before the winter weather descends from the Midwest.  I suggested to David I would not have liked to travel through Chicago this week. Have done so in the past, but these days, I don’t need the ‘excitement’ of foul flying conditions and delayed flights.

Except for the red Geraniums, I brought the outdoor plants for which I could find space into the house.  I would like to bring some of the herbs inside, but they do better outside all winter. This fall, the Holly trees covered with berries, and local gardeners are speculating this is a sign of a hard winter to come.  Perhaps.  Last winter was colder than any I had seen around here since the 1960s and the berry crop was sparse.

David is finding great joy in filling “his” bird feeders and I am happy to see him take such an interest. His parents birthdays fall in November, his dad born in 1888 and his mom in 1900 in Czarist Russia. David’s brother was born on the anniversary of Armistice Day in 1921.


Daughter Connie visits tomorrow and Wednesday I have a follow-up with my Dermatologist.  My appointment falls in the middle of the day, so we will grab lunch while we are out and about. Meanwhile this week, I will catch a few hours of reading: 1/ a new book on Lafayette by Laura Auricchio, 2/ Eric Hobsbawm on Fractured Times and 3/ a mystery. Also working on my family tree each day.

New Header:  Photo my granddaughter Joy took of the pond at the family farm.


15 thoughts on “Monday trivia

  1. We have an abundance of beauty berries that the mockingbirds are scarfing down. I’m on the Texas Gulf Coast and it has been unseasonably cold the past week but nothing like what is going on up North. Hope you saw lots of flowers. I’m glad David is enjoying feeding the birds. The hummingbirds have left here but the goldfinches haven’t yet arrived so I have some time to stock up on thistle seed for them.


  2. Joy’s header is wonderful! And so are your beautiful creamy iris! And your new ‘wallpaper’ (is that the right term?) in shades of pink looks wonderful with the header. Good idea to visit the flowers before they disappear for the season. And tomorrow Sounds like a good day with your company…. we always try to fit in a lunch out if we have to go to town for a medical appointment.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for decent weather byh early next month when we’ll have that Chicago stop.


  3. I have been noticing the abundance of berries this Autumn. I didn’t realize this was a sign for a bad winter. Enjoyed your photos, the header is spectacular. Have a great week Dianne!


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