Second childhood

One afternoon, my son, younger grandson and I rode to Mission Bay Park in San Diego. Had I a better camera, I would have taken photos of some of the migrating birds, however a subject worthy of my little phone camera soon appeared.

Although I had seen children sailing their miniature boats on the ponds along the Champs-Élysées in Paris, I had never seen grown men with radio controlled miniature sailboats on a model boat pond.

The afternoon was perfect, sunny, breezy and cool, but not cold.  We watched this miniature regatta for hours. One of the participants informed us the event would last for three days. It was a happy scene, and as most of these fellows appeared to be seniors, I thought what a wonderful way to spend your retirement days.


At the far end of the pond, a dad and child were running miniature motor boats.

IMG_0558 IMG_0559 IMG_0561 IMG_0562

18 thoughts on “Second childhood

  1. I always love watching those guys. 🙂 Imagine too, a town with a boat pond that can be used year round. There’s a miniature air field just across the bay by Sea World too. The guys build and fly their own planes there.


  2. A wonderful day; does that men you are going to join in the fun?
    I have often watched grown men and some ladies sail their boats on the ponds in Hampstead. People can get quite competitive. And I have known crashes and tears too.


  3. What a fun time! There’s a pond in a park that we frequent that has men sailing their boats on occasion. They even have a ‘boat day’ where the club shows off their skills.


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