Leaving on a jet plane

IMG_0391Tomorrow, I am off to California, for probably the last time. I’m not sad about it, at least not yet.  Dare I say it?  I have become my former father-in-law who, after he returned from fighting in the Pacific, never liked to sleep anywhere but his own bed.  After years of living in and flying, taking trains, and driving to CA, I have pretty much reached the end of my days of travel to the golden west.

Although work took me to CA for many years, mostly, these days, I am going to see my kids, son Richard and his family.  The oldest boy Jacob will be grown in a few years, on his way to college. The younger boy, Sean, still has a few years at home, but he needs to come East and visit Grandma Dianne and Pops, and those remaining national parks he hasn’t seen.

Meanwhile, I will be out in CA visiting family and friends, and taking a few photos, although I have decided to not haul my heavy camera along, so it will be iPad, phone or whatever DIL Wendy uses (and, she takes great photos).

I have loaded my iPad with more books than I can possibly read in one week, including a new biography of the Marquis de Lafayette. A man so esteemed by my ancestors, one of them had Lafayette as a first name.


I will try to keep up with my blog friends’ posts this week, but won’t be posting myself again until November 4th or later.  Take care and have a good week.


32 thoughts on “Leaving on a jet plane

  1. Always hard to accept that perhaps travel is not as easy as it once was. Thankfully we have skype and internet and so forth. Hope your holiday is truly great


  2. Glad you’re coming to our glorious state. I’m assuming you won’t make it over the grapevine, into the san joaquin valley? If you decide to make the trip, let me know and I will happily meet you along the highway.


  3. I do still enjoy traveling but I imagine the time will come for me too when it won’t be comfortable either. I know you’re going to love your time with your family, Dianne! Much aloha to you. By the way, have you considered compression socks? Too late for tomorrow, but maybe for your trip back.


  4. I hope you have a marvelous trip out west! Bring back lots of stories and photos to share on your blog. Sorry I’m so far behind in commenting. You must be doing well if you are traveling. Enjoy!!


  5. Happy trails! We’re also losing enthusiasm for travel, but seeing the kids on your California journey surely will make it all worthwhile.


  6. Well, I shall miss your posts but know you will have a fabulous time. I know what you mean, I always miss home when I have been away. Still enjoy traveling but not sure how long that will last. Enjoy and happy traveling my friend.


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