Thursday happenings

Then and now…Rita and Joy

Then and now…Rita and Joy

When Nash cut my hair this morning, I showed him recent photos of my grandchildren. Nash is Lebanese, a Christian who with his family, fled persecution in his homeland.  We always talk about our families…his and mine and this morning was no different.  I met Nash through my granddaughters, he prepared the mass of ringlets Rita wore to her prom and graduation night several years ago. Rita, now 22, is grown and a manager with either Petco or Pet Smart. You would think I would remember these things.

Nash never fixed Joy’s hair that I know.  Besides she would rather have straw in her hair and be with cows.  Because Rita is one of my two camera-shy granddaughters (the other is Amelia) the most recent photo I have of Rita is the one she posted last year of herself and Joy.

Nash always asks how Rita is doing.  Grown up…gone I tell him. Sigh


I’m afraid no one will love me if I get senile, David says.  He has been having some difficulty remembering things.  So have I.

I’m afraid I will be charged with elder abuse and thrown in prison if you get senile, I tell him.

Perhaps neither will happen, but David and I have imagined the worst. He says it would happen to him first, but my grandmother was showing signs of senility in her 70s.

I read an article recently that reported on some research that showed that those with arthritis are unlikely to get Alzheimer’s.

Good, he says, because we both have arthritis.  But arthritis eventually affects your brain too.

It’s just not Alzheimer’s that makes you gaga I say.

Nash says everyone forgets things.

My friend Sheila says if you can remember your name, the day of the week and where you live, you are okay.  Wait a minute while I look in my wallet, I tell her.


On our way home, we stopped at the Heidelberg for lunch.  I had a tarragon chicken salad half sandwich, David a bratwurst with sauerkraut.  We each had a slice of cake that came with the sandwich. While we ate a couple of German-Americans from “the Valley” (western VA) and dressed in mountain attire, played accordion music with yodeling and all. David lived in Germany for several years when he worked with NATO and he speaks German.  He was ecstatic.

Although David’s mother was Russian, his father was German descent.  I discovered this working on his family tree…Kuntz became Counts and the Gunter became Goodwin. German-American is the largest ancestry group in the U.S. So much for Anglo names, they tell you nothing.

David’s Dad’s family hails from western Virginia and eastern Tennessee. And yes, they owned slaves and several of them fought for the Confederacy.  David said he didn’t need to know that.

As the Heidelberg is a bakery, sandwich shop, and European grocer, I told David to help me remember this the next time we are looking for something exotic. If I can’t find it locally, I can always find it through Amazon, but its fun to visit these stores. He agreed.


16 thoughts on “Thursday happenings

  1. Wonderful lunch spot — we enjoy shopping in ethnic grocery stores.
    Yes, Bill knows his ancestry is mostly German and French. My mother always told us her family was French (but it turned out that there was a lot of German in there too ). My Dad said his was Swedish (that was correct) and English (but it turned out to be Irish instead). Both families were hiding something they thought they should be ashamed of … How silly people were/are.


  2. Lovely girls. I have the same hair dresser since 2000, can’t believe it’s been nearly 15 years. I have less these days also, and don’t color it, I’m okay with gray, besides I’m afraid color might fry what I have left. I also paid a lot when I was working in Seattle, went to a fellow at Nordy’s, that’s way out of my range these days LOL.

    I worry about senility whatever label they put on it. Neither of my parents were but both my grandmother’s pretty well lost their memories in their 80’s. Don’t know what that predicts. I wish us all the best of luck with that.


    • Nash calls himself a hair stylist. He gives me a great cut. I can wash and wear my hair…air dried. Love it.
      The only alternative to senility is death for most people. I’d like to be clear and bright at 99, but the odds are not favorable. Hopefully blogging helps?


  3. I would love to eat bratwurst and German potato salad. Yummy.

    My greatest fear is having dementia. Read a recent news article that linked insufficient sleep with memory loss. I always notice that I am better when I sleep well for at least 6 hours.


  4. You didn’t say which one was Rita and which one was Joy. I should remember, but don’t (like you said).

    I lost my 2-year older brother to early onset Alzheimers. He was 69 when he died and his first symptom happened around age 60. Needless to say, I’m very happy that I can always remember what I had for dinner last night. I do a lot of word puzzles and brain teasers to keep it as sharp as possible.


  5. There is a Heidelberg bakery in Vienna. Is that the one you went to or do they have another? I bought a birthday cake there years ago for our son. We pass by every now and again. It’s nice that you have a hairdresser that you’ve been going to for years. I don’t go often enough and have never settled on one hairdresser. Your granddaughters are beautiful!


    • This Heidelberg is in Arlington and predates the one in Vienna by some years. We love it but don’t go there often because we both eat too many sweet things when we do. The store is also a small grocery area with three long counters of baked goods. We love it.

      I have gone to three hairdressers since 1980. The first was Lucien who had a shop on Wisconsin Avenue. His partner did Roslyn Carter’s hair and he was pricy. I used him through the 80s when I had a high paying job with Bell, shopped in NYC for clothes, and wore a page boy and died my hair. After I took a pay cut and went to work for the government, I used a salon close to home. So, next came Sheila, who was Iranian. I used her until she relocated from McLean to Leesberg. Next came Nash who is in Falls Church near where my daughter lived for twenty years. I don’t have as much hair these days and it’s Snow White but visiting him gives me a morale boost.


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