Tuesday Tidbits

I overdid things yesterday, walking completely around our very long block. Last night I slept about three hours, and lay awake the rest of the night.  I am just past the three-month date of my knee replacement surgery, but grow impatient with wanting to be back to “normal.”  My doctor said it takes six months to recover.  Grrrr.


This morning, David and I attended the “seminar” on aging in place.  Mostly it was a sales pitch from this religiously affiliated ‘non-profit’ organization.  One member of the audience asked how it differed from long-term care, and the moderator suggested it supplemented it.  Darned if I could figure that out.  I won’t go into specifics, but attendees mostly got up and left half-way through. Very costly, but then everything in this area is unreasonable for those of us who are not poor, but at the bottom end of the socio-economic middle class.


Bob, our plumber guy came by earlier to let me know another appraiser would be scheduling a look-see to give us a price estimate for a redo of our small shower.  After reading Mage’s comment regarding her shower, (they found mold and had to take it back to the studs) I figure a complete overhaul of the tiles is necessary.  Half measures avail us nothing and another patch job simply won’t work.


On my walk yesterday, I spoke with Kathy.  She is recovering nicely from the glaucoma surgery.  Helene is going to take her to the hospital on Friday for the lumpectomy surgery.  She says Sue and Helene will spend the nights and be with her during the days on the weekend.  Meanwhile we aging-in-place neighbors are working out a schedule for radiation.  Kathy says she hopes she does not need chemo.  Cathy, another neighbor, had both radiation and chemo, and has neuropathy in her hands.


Johnny bolted up the road yesterday.  Neighbor Eddie helped David corral him in another neighbor’s yard.  About that time, neighbor Mary arrived home from work, and she and her husband jumped out of their truck and chased Johnny back down the road to me.  Everyone knows my darling dogs, who are frequently seen with 85-year old David in  hot pursuit.


Oh East is East and West is West, Take me where the cement grows…

Where Wimmen are Wimmen in silks and satins, and I’m all yours in Buttons and Bows.


Many photos of my grandchildren this week.  Below, my gorgeous West-coast grandson Jacob (boy in the tuxedo vest) with his buddies all dressed up for their first prom.  Below the photo of Jacob is my East Coast granddaughter Joy at Virginia Tech with one of her cows.


23 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits

  1. Bathroom redo is on our wish list. Hubby is in midst of some “patchwork” there and refinishing cabinets in kitchen. He has started occasionally bringing up the possibility of relocating to a new and lower maintenance housing option.


  2. Great photo of the kids! Glad your recovery is progressing. Hope you will keep us posted on the shower renovation project; we’re contemplating one.


  3. Hope the estimates go well with the shower that’s one of those things our homes like to do to us. Great pictures of your grandkids. Mine have been known to hug a cow or two as well, LOL.


  4. Yes, plan a time to walk every day. I do it in the pool. Wonderful stuff warm water. Unfortunately there’s always something to interrupt like my upcoming surgery. I look forward to having a hand I can use again .

    Yes, simply darling grandkids. 🙂 Prom time already.


  5. I am so sorry to hear about your knee still not being normal, especially since you will be traveling soon. At least, it is not infected.

    It sounds like a good idea to remove the tiles entirely and start from scratch.

    Good luck.


  6. Two wonderful photos of your grandchildren, I am enjoying your photos very much. We were always chasing after our dog when we had her, she could bolt like a racehorse. I’ll be interested in the progress of your renovations and am hoping to pick up some tips. Seriously have to do this ourselves. A good read as always Dianne.


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