A repair a day keeps the house from falling down

My son Richard and me, 1981

My son Richard and me, 1981

Seth from Merrifield Gardens called this morning.  I have decided to schedule the yard work for early December. I’ve paid half the fee as a deposit, but postponing  payment of the other half due at time of the completion of the work is good.

In November, I must budget for repair work on David’s shower stall.  David has repaired it and repaired it, and John W. our handyman took a turn and repaired the latest fallen tiles, but now we need to bite the bullet so to speak, and have a major repair which will involve replacing part of the wall behind the tiles owing to mold.  The tiles continue to fall because mold is eating the wall.

Old house are interesting, however like old people, they need continuous repair.


I finally met Janet, the woman who bought the house across the street.  After a major renovation of her new home, mostly for removal of mold causing allergens, she thinks she will be ready to move in next weekend.  She seems nice and we had a good chat.  I laughed at David who asked me later “Is she okay.”  He’s the extrovert and had met her before me and had a nice talk. But I, the introvert, am a better judge of character apparently.  I think its intuition.

 While we were speaking Janet complained about her mother and I laughed and told her my daughter is 53 and I sometimes forget she isn’t a little girl any more.  Janet is in her late 30s or early 40s, and resents having a parent comment on her choices she says. I asked her if she was an only child, and she is.  Parents fret lot over an only child I told her.

Janet’s dad (they live near by) told David he thought the house was a piece of crap and I suspect he told Janet the same thing. The old house was abused for 30 years as a rental property, but its structure is sound, and Janet has almost completely rebuilt it.  The house contains a walk-out apartment on the lowest level and Janet hopes to rent it.

 I told her “its the land” that’s valuable.  She agreed.  Our neighborhood is 10 minutes from the Capital and White House.  In real estate circles, they say “location, location, location is what matters.”


I found a huge bottle of chocolate syrup in the fridge and checked the ingredients.  Number 1 was High Fructose Corn Syrup.  You can’t have this, I told David. He takes Metformin for high blood sugar, and has episodes of Atrial Fibrillation.  He has passed out, probably from a sugar low which follows ingestion of too much sugar. I launched into my diabetes talk…again. He got angry and left for the cleaners, post office and grocery store to buy some broccoli for his main meal today. I suggested he look for some sugar-free chocolate syrup.  We’ll see what he does.

14 thoughts on “A repair a day keeps the house from falling down

  1. Looking for ward to your visit.
    Yes, we had to take the whole bathroom. both rooms of it, down to the studs. Then we had to double up on the studs because the wet had eaten away the wood at the bottom. Now everything is new, and my short range goal is to be able to take a bath in my own tub. 🙂


  2. As they say “After 50 it’s just maintain, maintain, maintain.” And it gets harder with every decade. Talking about people, but quite sure it’s the same with houses. We sold out to travel before our last house reached that stage — drove by it the other day, the new owner has done extensive remodeling and adding on. Glad it wasn’t us.


      • It was a big change, that’s for sure. But it was right for us at the time.

        To answer your question about our receding Lake, Fern Ridge is actually a reservoir — for flood control. So it’s a manmade lake. The Army Corps of Engineers maintains it and starts the drawdown every October to allow room for rainwater. Before it was built this whole area would flood annually. So that’s the primary purpose, but summer recreation and irrigation are side benefits. I should have included a link to a post I did a couple of years ago about it. But this is the executive summary.


  3. Maintenance is the key. Don’t let the house get so bad that it becomes hugely expensive to fix.
    We plan to change Lisa’s wallpaper soon and then that will be it for renovations for awhile. In 4 years, we intend to paint the house both exterior and interior.

    My sister Sylvia takes no medications whatsoever. She is in excellent health. Wish I could say the same.


  4. It’s interesting Dianne, Gregg is always asking me what I think of someone. I wonder if our intuition is just stronger than a male? Whenever I have had my doubts about a person they have always been proven in one way or another. I get a definite feeling when I meet someone, I have even had the hairs stand up on the back of my neck at times. Mind you, my father was always a great judge of character, so maybe I take after him in that area. We need renovations done around here but our traveling in the summer has taken care of that for a while. Just so long as the house doesn’t fall in, says I with a raised eyebrow and a smile.


  5. Yes, constant repairs, that’s the solution to old houses and old people alike. Don’t I know it. Prevention isn’t any longer the major concern although diabetics must go easy on the starch intake. Men don’t want to know, do they.


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