The stories that get away

Cornus Florida - Photo from N.C. State

Cornus Florida – Photo from N.C. State

Cornus florida (flowering dogwood) is a species of flowering plant in the family Cornaceae native to eastern North America, from southern Maine west to southern Ontario, Illinois, and eastern Kansas, and south to northern Florida and eastern Texas, with a disjunct population in Nuevo León and Veracruz in eastern Mexico. In Ontario, this tree species has been assessed and is now listed as endangered. ~Wiki

The flowering dogwood berries along our street were evident yesterday and gone today.  A flock of migrant birds stripped the trees bare. That will teach me to always carry a camera…maybe.

I’m still kicking myself for a sunrise over Lake Michigan I missed several decades ago. There I was walking from the B&B where David and I always stayed to Aunt Marge’s apartment at the lake’s edge.  And the sun came up like Kipling noted many years ago.

On the other hand, I look at the boxes and albums of photos I have taken with various cameras, and wonder what people do with old photos anyway.

My Dad took many photos of trees and shrubs, none suitable for framing because they are black and white.  A magnificent old dogwood tree in all its spring glory just doesn’t look the same without a blue sky background.  Posing your children under it and taking the photo from 100 feet away doesn’t help.My oldest son, Richard

My DIL took the photo above of my son Richard, somewhere out west at one of those National Parks. I recognize Richard, but not the park. I’m not even sure what year she took the photo.  Always good to label your photos, I think.  But if you’ve been on a long trip and carried two cameras, and shot reams of film (these days it would be cards or something) you get home and start sorting and you can’t always tell one garden or cathedral or rushing stream from another.

On one trip, I lugged a heavy old computer all over Europe (early laptop days) and wrote home every night, plugging the darn thing into a phone jack and dialing up. I sent electronic copies of what I wrote to all who were interested.  When I got home, I printed out these daily scribblings, copied the lot, and gave the copies to several family members and work mates. I have stored the inch thick stack of printouts on a bookcase with all my genealogy stuff.  Someday, someone will care enough to go through it….maybe. Perhaps I will when I am 100.

11 thoughts on “The stories that get away

  1. Wherever the photo with your son was taken was very high country. If in california, and perhaps Yosemite, I would think the eastern side of the park. All that raging water would be a tell-tale sign. Also looks like vegetation is not very thick.


  2. I often wonder, too, about what will happen to my treasure-trove of photos. I have also documented much of my life in hand-written journals and on the computer. I’d like to think that some day it will be discovered in another far-off time and will bring interest to someone. I can dream!


  3. Lovely photo of your son and a very pretty setting wherever it might be. I also liked the dogwood berries. Berries on green always look so striking. I think you will find that your family will be very grateful to you that you did so much research on their family. My interest only came about in my 50’s.


  4. I signed up for dropbox and put my digital photos there. So far so good, the photos aren’t all labeled but mostly the folders they are in are dated. I haven’t tackled all the printed photos I have. I wonder if I’ll live long enough 😉 We just do what we can.


  5. I can sympathize and empathize. Lol.
    I took photos of my trip to Croatia while David took video.
    When I got home, I discarded all of my photos, because I thought the video was better. Well, I regret it now. I could now be posting photos on my blog!


    • I would enjoy seeing the photos of Croatia. I became weary of transferring slides to thumb drives and chucked out a bunch also. Oh what we do when we are weary. But the question remains…could you ID every site? I couldn’t.


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