Wednesday’s Child

638px-Close_up_-_chimpanzee_teethThe header photo above is the Fothergilla ‘Mount Airy’ developed in Ohio.   I took the photo last year when the autumn leaves were beautiful.  This year, the rain has ruined much and as we have not had an early frost, the trees are turning brown before they turn rust, red and yellow.  The Fothergilla is lovely again this year, but its soggy outside this morning and I don’t like getting wet.

The other name for Fothergilla is ‘Witch Alder.’

For a while I was into all things witchy, which scared the virtual underpants off David. I planted Holly trees around my house, and hung crystals in all the windows and over my car mirror for protection. (It works as well as the Saint Christopher medal it replaced).

This phase of religious exploration began when I was having difficulty with a snotty young boss.  I wanted to turn him into a frog.  But after I thought about it, (and realized I had no witchy powers) I decided I really didn’t want to do this. Thinking about it made me feel good, however.

I took classes on witchcraft, including instruction from Wiccans.  I attended Pagan events at the local Unitarian church.  I wore a pentacle on a chain around my neck until medical personnel in an ambulance made me remove it.

I petitioned the Department of Defense to allow combat soldiers of the Wiccan faith to have pentacles on their headstones. The latter cause was successful.  Raise your hands all who did not know there were U. S. Wiccan soldiers in combat.

I still love the Wiccan ways, which are environmentally friendly and very female. I love Tarot cards, crystals, semi-precious stones, water, fire, earth and air. My parrots like Wiccan music. I grow herbs, love essential oils, burn incense, and enjoy reading about magic and witchcraft.

Before David and I married, I had an astrologer friend cast our astronomical charts.  She discovered that our stars created a Grand Trine.  I am not an astrologer, but it seems this was a sign we were destined to be together.  Thus he knew before he married me that I had an inclination in the direction of the magical.  And he has pretty much gone along for the ride.  He only drew the line at the Pagan gatherings with drums and feathers and such.  I knew he was uncomfortable, so I backed off.  He is a fairly conservative fellow.


GigiHawaii and I agree that writing is therapeutic, so I am writing this morning because I face the dreaded dentist later.  I must take four capsules of amoxicillin at 12:15 before my appointment.  The dentist and my GP say this is important because I have had surgery within the past 6 months. (I am approaching the end of month three for the knee replacement surgery).

Although I don’t like either, I’m not afraid of taxes and death.  But I dread dental check-ups.  My dentist is frightening, but very good.  He likes David.  I think it’s because David at age 85 has perfect teeth. It isn’t fair.


12 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Child

  1. You are a lady of many talents and also like a diamond, one with many facets. I’ve learned something new about you today. A would-be wiccan? My goodness and well, I like all things of nature, and even enjoy the idea of angels and fairies. Love your header photo also, and the one of the monkey. Good luck with the dentist. Glad I don’t have to go out today. You wouldn’t think I was from England as today I have an aversion to the rain and don’t want to go out in it. When I am out and about and it starts raining, I quite enjoy it. I’m fickle!


  2. X husband’s birthday was Halloween and I was born on the 13th [not Oct.} middle child’s birthday is 6-6-65 almost sign of the devil. When same said child related these facts to a co-worker they made sign of the cross and backed away. I think more than witchy all the females in my family are bitchy and that is plenty scary to people.


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