Scandalous records

Fredericksburg VA during the Civil War

Fredericksburg VA during the Civil War

I think of my blog as a journal of sorts as well as letters to offspring and friends.  Thus I try to write something every day, i.e. “to stay in touch.”  I don’t succeed in this, but there was a time when I kept a diary, wrote daily, and began each page with a “dear diary” entry. Most of these entries were soppy teenage stuff about this boy and that. The diaries disappeared years ago.  My Dad probably burned them after I left home, because of their content.

Later in life, I discovered it could be therapeutic to write, taking care to be as honest as I could.  To hone my skills, for many years, I did one workshop after another dedicated to journal keeping.  A stack of old journals resulting from this period rest on a bookcase in my study collecting dust.

I stopped keeping journals after I was involved in an EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity) dispute, and the lawyer for the other side requested any journals, diaries, etc. I might keep.  This was an embarrassing moment and I ceased keeping journals after that.  However the surrendered journal pages where I had recorded one outrage after another committed by my managers won my suit and the result was a promotion.  The promotion led to retaliation by the same big boss, and another suit from me. After mediation failed…again…it took years to reach the operational arm of the Justice Dept.  By that time, the management staff had changed and I simply didn’t care anymore.

After I retired, I began blogging as part of a graduate history assignment. That blog is gone, but I discovered I liked this kind of writing.  Blogging is not very personal, however.  I don’t reveal my deepest darkest most personal thoughts…but who does?

I have saved much of my paper correspondence from over the years…well not all of it, I chucked the letters from my EX. I have all the post cards dad sent home as he traveled throughout my childhood, letters from grandparents when I was small, letters my mom wrote to her sister and photos she sent her too.  I wish Aunt Rosie, who died this past year, had not tossed the remaining family photos, letters, etc. in a dumpster before she moved to South Dakota. Historians love letters, diaries and journals. Think of the diaries of Anne Frank, Virginia Woolf, Feodor Dostoyevsky.  Wonder if future historians will like blogs?


Kathy came by earlier, walking Caylie her huge dog. David was hauling a bag of DVDs to the car to take to the library or Goodwill, and Kathy spied him and said she wanted them.

“I’ll have to do a lot of resting with this upcoming surgery,” she said.  (Wednesday, she has surgery on both eyes for Glaucoma, next week is the breast cancer surgery. The following week its radiation.)  I told her she could have them all…over 100 foreign films, mostly French and Italian, but a few Dutch, German and Swedish tossed in.

Depending on your view of the world, some of them might seem scandalous.  The Europeans put almost anything on film after The War.

8 thoughts on “Scandalous records

  1. Those will keep Kathy well occupied — a great way to speed her convalescence. Fortuitous that she happened by at the right time.

    I started blogging when we were traveling full time — to keep family and friends informed about where we were (literally) as well as being a sort of travel diary to help us remember places and people. … I certainly never dreamed when I started that I’d be visiting so many different places and so many wonderful people virtually. I think of it now as a picture blog and as my hobby. Which I really never had before . (I don’t do crafts or art or sew). Making pretty pictures and talking about where I was when I took them is good for my brain I think. And meeting other lovely people through memes is so much fun — plus I learn so much from those I visit.


  2. I grew up on foreign movies on British TV and I swear I became an excellent reader because of speed reading those subtitles. I don’t remember watching anything too scandalous. If there was anything remotely risque on the TV my Dad would jump up like a rocket, shut the TV off and say, “We don’t need this kind of bathroom talk!” He was very Victorian and he had two girls, need I say more!


    • I knew a fellow who ran the projector at a drive-in theatre who was arrested for showing a Swedish film that revealed a bare breast on the screen. You could see the drive-in screen from Route 29 and the charge was endangering drivers on the highway. Apparently the drivers were having accidents because the bare breast was distracting them. How times have changed.


  3. Some of it was stunning too. The first Swedish film I saw as an adult was beyond my comprehension but I loved the drama of the black and white.

    My oldest journals were burning when my house burned. Ah well. All the rest of the crap is boxed and in t he attic. I’d like to donate them somewhere, but who would want them. Acres of illustrated hangovers. Give Kathy my best please.


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