What to do on a rainy day



 A quiet, rainy afternoon here.  I have the downstairs to myself, David and the dogs are napping.  I finished my book by Atul Gwande.  Highly recommend.  I ordered a hardback copy.  David says he will read it, but he has difficulty reading anything longer than a paragraph, so I told him he could “borrow” the book until the next time I see Connie, then I am lending it to her.

Worked on my family tree this afternoon.  Dad’s mom’s trunk is swelled with information.  All lines back to the UK…England, Scotland, Wales.  No Irish, but eventually German links.  All appear to have fled persecution of one kind or another. Some of them fled persecution they encountered in the Plymouth Colony. I even found antinomianism in the family tree.  Wiki says:

Antinomianism has been a point of doctrinal contention in the history of Christianity, especially in Protestantism. Given the Protestant belief in justification through faith alone, versus on the basis of merit or good works or works of mercy, most Protestants consider themselves saved without having to keep the commandments of the Mosaic Law as a whole. However, consistent with the Reformed formula, “We are justified by faith alone but not by a faith that is alone”,[4] salvific faith has overall been seen as one that effected obedience, in contrast to rejecting moral constraint.

The definition goes on at some length from here, but unless you are a student of theology you could probably not care less.  If you are a student, you know how to find out more.


Kathy has her breast cancer surgery Thursday.  She says they will do a lumpectomy and remove some lymph nodes and go from there.  Radiation will follow the surgery.  Such a long convoluted medical process. My swimming instructor had both breasts removed two years ago (à la Angela Jolie). She is doing the best she can, and remains busy.

Kathy’s oncologist is Japanese-American and was tickled to discover Kathy spoke Japanese and had written her Master’s Thesis on Noh Drama and Kabuki Theater. In turn, the oncologist husband attended Saint Anselm’s Boys School where Kathy volunteers.

Speaking of which….Brother Dunstan took Kathy to the hospital for her initial biopsy.  She says, the staff called him into the recovery area to retrieve her afterward, and she figured some of the onlookers thought he was arriving to give the last rites.

We want to do more, but the whole neighborhood had turned out to help her.  We have to stand in line.

9 thoughts on “What to do on a rainy day

  1. Sending good thoughts to your dear friend. A good attitude isn’t everything, but it can’t hurt and obviously she has that.

    No rain yet here in Oregon — but we’ll get those days before we leave (We’d better, because as much as I get tired of rainy days, we need it. It’s been too dry. It is supposed to rain in Oregon!


    • Some are more fortunate than others. Several of my former coworkers died with cancer of one kind or another. One woman I knew had been cancer free for 25 years when she had a new episode of breast cancer which ended her life.


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