Real photo of clouds over Mount Mckinley - Facebook

Unadulterated photo of clouds over Mount Mckinley – Facebook

David really spoils his little girl Clare.  Well, maybe spoil isn’t the word.  But considering she’s a dog, he does indulge her a bit. She is his constant companion.  Yesterday he did not feel well, perhaps from the Flu shot the day before or the shingles shot I coerced him into receiving, or, heaven forefend the sauerkraut and brats he ate, but something upset his system.  Clare knew he did not feel well and she followed him everywhere, sleeping next to his head last night.  He says he woke up and she was staring at him…much like the first-time parent of a new-born baby.

Clare communicates with her eyes.  She likes coffee in the morning..precisely, she likes to lick the last tablespoon of coffee from your cup.  I doctor my coffee with half and half, so she likes mine best.  David has taken to putting half and half in his coffee to please Clare.

Clare will stand beside your chair and stare at you until you place the cup with the last swallow on the floor for her.  Johnny jumps in my lap and grabs my cup, so Clare has taken to using her communicative powers on David.  He in turn has taken to fixing her a saucer of half and half with a touch of coffee in it.

Our vet says she never heard of dogs who like coffee.


Today is the day for Arabella’s annual exam.  Arabella is my Hahn’s Macaw, and sweetest parrot.  Every 5-6 weeks she must have her beak trimmed because she has a terrible underbite which makes mastication difficult.  But today the vet will pry her mouth open..fairly easy because she squawks when she sees Dr. McLean. Next, the vet will feel her body for lumps and bumps.  That after that we try to weigh her…not an easy task as she sails around the examining room avoiding the scale (none of my parrots have their wings clipped).

The vet always asks about Arabella’s diet.  She eats a mix of seeds, nuts and pellets, along with fruits and vegetables.  We are having broccoli today, so she will have that, and I removed the seeds from a pomegranate, so she will get a tablespoon of those.  David cut up blueberries earlier, but we are nearly at the end of blueberry season, and won’t see the really good ones until next spring.


A writer bought the house across the street and has been restoring it ever since.  I don’t know her name, but saw her in the yard a couple of times and spoke to her once.  She looks anorexic to me. Her books must sell, because she has spent a fortune on the old house, replacing everything. Everyday we live with noise from morning until night as different crews come and go.  The bathrooms, kitchen, walls, windows, patio out back, everything has been replaced.  You can tell because they have filled several dumpsters.  Only the shell of the old house is original.

The little I know about the author comes from David and Kathy.  Being extroverts each of them has walked over, introduced themselves and chatted.  I can’t do that.  One time when she was there, I walked by her house with Johnny and she said Hi.  I said Hi back. I’m sure my face turned bright red…it always does.

12 thoughts on “Red

  1. Clearly Clare and Johnny do not consider themselves members of the Canis lupus familiaris species. Coffee is, however, a favorite beverage of Homo sapiens.


  2. Wish we’d seen Mt McKinley in all its glory like that. Only about a third of Alaska visitors ever actually see it! Up there, everybody talked about how they fed their dogs their surplus salmon which we were always told was poison to them. (that they have surplus salmon tells you quite a bit about Alaska.) We once had a dog who loved corn on the cob.


  3. A great Aunt and Uncle had a yard in Miami filled with Avocado trees. One of their giant Dalmatians,Brandy, would take the avocados off the trees and eat them. This caused him to have the most awful farts,which he would always make beside you. I can still see people fleeing back indoors holding their noses. Being a kid I thought this was extremely funny.


    • Coffee cookies, anything but their dog food. David keeps looking for the perfect dog food. The receptionist at the vets office suggested pork fat covered treats this morning, but I draw the line at pork fat treats!


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