Tuesday Tidbits

Miniature Moth Orchids, reblooming

Miniature Moth Orchids, blooming

“With any luck at all, they’ll have a special line for seniors,” David chuckles as he leaves the house for the DMV.  As usual he’s waited until the last day of the month when his license expires.  I suppose it is his license, I didn’t ask.  It might be his handicapped card, or something else.  I used the online service months ago, and all my tags, stickers and plates are current. (OK, I know, I’m a goody two-shoes.)

That’s one difference between us, I am the organized planner, he is not.  David is the spontaneous, creative extrovert.  I am the studious introvert.  I am neat, he is not.  I constantly quote Ann Landers to him…a place for everything, and everything in its place.  To get along, we have mapped territories in the house and yard.  If he uses “my” garden shed or kitchen he must put things back where they belong (cleaning them first if necessary) or leave them on the porch table or the stove, and I will put them away later.

Ines, who cleans our house every two weeks,is excellent.  Over time she and her helper have learned how to work around David, although one of her helpers quit when he accused her of stealing his toilet brush.

I have moved all the tax records, bills etc. to my downstairs desk.  I take care of them, so he has no excuse to “store” paper in his room. Left to his own devices, David would have a bedroom like the Collier brothers.  For those who don’t remember, they were the brothers who died in their cluttered house in NYC.

I wasn’t always a Felix Unger.  When I was younger, my father went on periodic cleaning rampages through the house, including my bedroom where he chucked all my “treasures” in the garbage.  It did little good, because I turned my bedroom back into a pig sty before he could say Jack Robinson.

My first husband was a Marine Sgt, so neat that the other Marines in the barracks wrote a poem about him.  My second husband, an Army Colonel, was just as bad.  David fooled me.  His apartment was spick and span when I met him.  Little did I know what lurked beneath.

Over time, we have compromised on most things.  He doesn’t cook or clean, but he will mow the yard and shop for groceries.  He also remembers to feed the dogs.


Although Dr. McConnell had ordered two more months of therapy, Justin and I agreed this morning that Thursday will be my last day.  I am healing nicely, and though I have some swelling in my knee, it will dissipate over time.  I am pleased with this decision, as I am very tired of spending time at the hospital center. What a drag.  I just hope I have the stamina to get around the San Diego zoo in a few weeks.


As fall approaches, the garden is turning all sorts of colors, while migrating Warblers serenade us from the Holly and Viburnum shrubs where they find nourishment for their journey.  Today, I will call Merrifield Nursery to schedule a fall cleanup.

I have brought several plants inside, and made a space for the Geraniums under the plant stand where they will reside all winter.

Meanwhile, the Moth Orchids I bought last winter are setting buds and beginning to bloom.  I think I have finally mastered the art of keeping them alive, thanks to Dr. Gaspar.

24 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits

  1. Terry has a worse case of OCD than I do. Everything must be neatly lined up, however it can be lined up on an inch of dust and he won’t mind! I try very hard to keep empty clean surfaces in the house that can be quickly dusted. I hate to dust and I want it to be as easy as possible. I don’t even try to dust Terry’s side of the bed as he has piled up all sorts of things in his nightstand cupboard.


    • I am sorry to hear you and Terry suffer with OCD. A boss of mine who had an unbelievably untidy office had a sign on his door that read, a clean desk is a sign of a disordered mind.

      Shortly, thereafter, our corporation was involved in an industrial espionage suit. I was grilled by or lawyers when something I had written was discovered at the opponnt’s site. Of course I had nothing to do with it, which everyone believed, because I was a neat and tidy person. My boss very quickly cleaned his desk, and the company instituted a “clean desk policy.”

      My ex may have had OCD. He saved shoe boxes, and when the children rode in his car, he made them put their feet in the shoe boxes. He had floor mats, mats over the mats…and shoe boxes. Both of my sons appear to have taken after their dad. When they visit, they go around my house tidying things.

      David is the extreme opposite. He never did anything as a child to clean up after himself, and criticizes his mother today because she doesn’t like housework. She has been dead since 1972.


  2. Lots of interesting stuff here — compromise in marriage is definitely a need that’s for sure. So glad your knee is well enough to discontinue the trips to the hospital — always depressing especially when you feel well (twhen you don’t feel well, you are just busy hoping they can make you better.) I’m excited to hear you are going to San Diego soon. Beautiful city (assume you have kids there since you are going to the Zoo?)


  3. We would be divorced today if it were not for Marta.
    Zoo: They now have handicapped services and buses that drop you where you want to go. Delightful.


  4. Hello Dianne, just popping in for a quick look see at what you’ve been up to. Sounds like you rare healing well, mentally physically and emotionally. Keep up the good work 🙂
    Oh I do wish I had had Denise as a client during my home cleaning for profit days! The times I would arrive at a home I’d lefts pick and span just two days previously it find it like a pig sty – the words I called the people who lived there under my breath were not for anyone’s ears but mine.
    I do think it takes time ( years in some cases) to adjust and work out boundaries and responsibilities. Sadly it can get too regimented in some cases.
    Take care


  5. I’m so glad you’re healing well, Dianne. That’s a relief! How funny that we have similar husbands. Art can be neat. He could…. maybe. However, left to his own devices, he accumulates papers left and right too. That was the reason I said we needed separate offices. But then we installed a computer in our bedroom, so that is now getting piled up with things. Sigh….


  6. I look around me and wish I had someone who would come in to help with the house. Gregg is not keen on it. He also thinks that I am the type of person who will tidy up before someone comes into clean. He witnessed this when we once had a lady who was just starting out, a friend of a friend, and he found me cleaning the bathroom and tidying up elsewhere!!! I told him I was in my 30’s then, I’m in my 60’s now. Anyhow, I now have a bad cold on top of my other complaint, and haven’t felt like lifting up a duster lately. When the spider’s start coughing on their cobwebs, I told Gregg I am picking up a phone. Onward and upward 🙂


    • It took me a while to let someone help me, but finally, I became weary of arguing with David about whose turn it was to vacuum. Now I have no regular help in the garden and David is helping me when he can. His arthritis circumscribed his efforts. Alas.


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