Wednesday Afternoon

Found on Facebook

Found on Facebook

I spent the morning first paying bills, then working on my ancestry charts, while David took my car to Eduardo, our new mechanic, came home and walked the dogs, and then shopped for groceries. Eduardo fixed the car in two minutes.  The windows would not open and he knew exactly which switch was causing the trouble.  He replaced the switch, and charged David a pittance. I don’t do cars, David (from NC) and cars go together like horses and carriages.

In fairness, I buy part of the groceries through Amazon.  David buys the fresh stuff, produce, dairy, and meats.

I won’t be buying much in the gluten-free range from now on.  I decided I was not gluten intolerant and am back on my WW plan after undergoing tests I probably did not need and gaining six pounds.  Some of that gluten-free stuff is just too tasty.

I blame the check-out instructions from the hospital.  They told me to forget dieting and eat to regain my health.   Fooey on that.


Yesterday, Justin my PT provided me with a strap to bind my hips.  He says they are misaligned causing me to hurt my hip and knee when I walk.  The misalignment could be the result of an old injury, a maladapted walk owing to long term pain, or the surgery on my hip last fall.  There are many possible culprits, including a break in my back when I was a young athlete, plus falling off roller skates, out of trees, off horses, etc.

Justin says we will clear up the pelvis issue and then begin working on my knee again.  After he manipulated my hips into place, he had me place the strap over the top of my hip bones (top of the pelvic girdle) and pull it tight.  I wear it during the day, sleep in it too, and mostly don’t notice it except for feeling warmer.  Given the weather is very cool here, this works out well.

Meanwhile, all my exercise equipment has arrived…mats, ball, etc. for home use.  We have an upright bike, but I hate it, preferring recumbent bikes. Nicole told me these days you can find used recumbent bikes on Ebay, but I’ll use the one at the gym.  The treadmill is in David’s bedroom, and I’d like to haul it off or sell it, but I have a feeling it will be the last thing removed from this house.


Now that I have found most of Second Great-Grand Uncle Edmund’s records, I am going to spend the rest of the afternoon with one of my books on the US Civil War.

 Edmund is one of the seven boys in the Nichols family at that time, who signed up for duty in July 1863.  Coincidently, the Union drove back the Confederates at Gettysburg, and Vicksburg fell July 4th.

We imagine the 4th as a federal holiday, but it wasn’t then, apparently, because the recruiter signed up three of the boys that day.  Lorenzo Adley had been in the Union Army since 1861.

Edmund’ sister-in-law Ellen was Lorenzo’s sister.  Got that? Lorenzo is the fellow whose photo I featured in my last post.  Most of the boys, including Lorenzo, and probably more cousins I won’t track down moved to Janesville Wisconsin after the war and worked for the Chicago and Northwestern Railway.   I am working hard to find the rail road records, but will probably have to scour sources outside Meanwhile, I found another photo yesterday of the grave marker for Great Grand Uncle Thomas, one of Edmund’s younger brothers, who survived the war and died from Rheumatic fever few years later at age 35.  Notice the rail car on the marker and the Union pacific shield?

Thomas Nichols, Oakwood Cemetery, Janesville WI

Thomas Nichols, Oakwood Cemetery, Janesville WI


11 thoughts on “Wednesday Afternoon

  1. The FB picture on top works for me too — I could care less! Bill’s not much of a fan either, so that works out well, since we live in small spaces… if he watched FB all weekend, I would have to leave home for a while. TV gets on my nerves.

    That strap sounds OK for this time of year but I hope it does it’s job before next summer — I think it would be really uncomfortable in heat.

    I’m glad you don’t have to be gluten free. But some of that stuff is really good . My idea is that the crackers and snack stuff is tastier so you eat less (feel satisfied sooner) so sometimes I do buy it.

    We ate and had a beer at a microbrewery yesterday and they actually had gluten free beer (they remove the gluten in a ‘proprietary process’.) That just made me laugh somehow … if people are so concerned with food sensitivity issues, I would think they’d just give up the beer altogether.


    • Given what I learned by reading about the topic while I was concerned for myself, I am happy to see merchants trying to accommodate gluten sensitivity. I seldom drink, and if I do, it’s a glass of white wine. I like beer, but it’s carbs I don’t need. I think it would drive me nuts if David liked football. The only games we watched involved my granddaughter Amelia who played her coronet at the UVA college football games.


  2. Sometimes I wonder about the big deal being made over gluten. When I hosted a luncheon party at my sister’s restaurant, my husband and a friend ordered a Belgian beer. The menu indicated that they could order a gluten-free beer or a regular beer. They chose the latter. I simply could not believe that the gluten-free craze had touched beers, too. Good lord, what’s next? Lol.


  3. Fascinating family stuff. I’m thinking I will collect the info I have and head over to the LDS Church Genealogical Library here and see if I can dig up anything else. I’d prefer a recumbent bike too much easier on the back.


  4. Are you finding all your family info on line or are you able to use local research facilities as well?
    Sometimes I’m finding outer limbs are far more interesting than the main trunk – one of The Golfers Gt Gt Aunts married a cousin of Thomas Hardy (the author) which provides a talking point at times lol
    Let’s hope you are feeling much fitter come the time you nip across country.


  5. Great post. We got new mechanics, plural, for somethings we want to use the dealer and for other’s we go local. I’m tired of my old truck being treated like an old truck.

    All that health stuff. Are you back in the pool yet.


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